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Bad and worse options of the Zionists in the hell of the occupied territories

Considering the chaotic situation of the Zionist regime in the northern front of the occupied Palestine and in the shadow of the continuation of the attrition war in Gaza, this regime has several scenarios ahead of it, all of which are negative.

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News quoted by Al-Manar network, there is no doubt that the Zionist enemy is completely confused by what is happening to this regime in the northern front under the shadow of the Lebanese Islamic resistance operations and contrary to the claims He is not able to expand the war against Lebanon.

In the situation that the north of occupied Palestine is still under the fire of Hezbollah and the Islamic resistance in Lebanon has expanded its operations against the enemy both quantitatively and qualitatively. Every day, the Zionists are subjected to precise and planned resistance attacks.

Zionists’ swamp in the north of the occupied territories

while the weaknesses of the Zionist regime at various military levels are becoming more and more apparent day by day; So that the army of this regime, despite having the unlimited support of the United States, is not even able to protect its own forces against Hezbollah’s attacks. Also, the advanced defense systems of the Zionist army, including the Iron Dome system, are permanently helpless against Hezbollah’s missiles and drones.

In this situation, the big question that has arisen in Zionist circles is that Tel Aviv What options does it have in such a difficult situation? Accordingly, Hezbollah, in addition to its successful military attacks deep into the Zionist positions in the north of occupied Palestine, can send reconnaissance drones into the territory without any obstacles. send the occupied territories by air and collect the information you want. One of the most obvious cases in this field was the penetration of the Hoddh drone into Haifa in the north of occupied Palestine and the accurate imaging of the occupation’s vital positions, which are directly in the crosshairs of resistance missiles and drones in any war.

In this situation, the big question that has arisen in Zionist circles is, what options does Tel Aviv have in such a difficult situation?

After 9 months of attrition war in Gaza, the Zionist regime is still struggling in the swamp and sand of Gaza and does not know how to end this useless war. . Also, another question that exists is that if the Zionists commit a great folly and expand the war with Lebanon, what will await them and what costs will they have to pay?

گزینه‌های بد و بدتر صهیونیست‌ها در جهنم شمال سرزمین‌های اشغالی

A look at the internal situation of the occupiers, as well as the analyzes that are presented in the media and circles of this regime, show that the Zionist military and political authorities basically have a vision to solve and They don’t know the current situation and what they are going to do in the future after the Gaza war.

The chaotic situation of the northern front of the occupied Palestine is also caused in this situation and the Zionists after repeatedly trying their luck through Western and American mediators to convince the party Allah tried to stop their operations, but they did not get anywhere, and in most Zionist circles, we hear that they say that the cessation of Hezbollah’s operations and the return of the settlers to the northern areas depends on a complete ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and in fact, the party that now controls the northern lands Hizbollah has an occupation and Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah is its secretary general.

Bad and worse options for the Zionists against Hezbollah

This is in a situation where the settlers’ pressure on the cabinet and the Zionist army is increasing day by day and they have lost their trust in their political and military authorities. Settlers in northern occupied Palestine believe that the cabinet left them to die. Also, many Zionist refugees in the northern settlements say that even if the war ends, they do not want to return to their homes because there is no guarantee that an operation similar to the October 7 storm operation by Hezbollah will not occur in the northern settlements.

This is in a situation where the pressure of the settlers on the cabinet and the Zionist army is increasing day by day. And they have lost confidence in their political and military authorities. Settlers in northern occupied Palestine believe that the cabinet has left them to die.

To all of this, we must add the growing fear and terror of the Zionists in the occupied northern Palestine of the dangerous scenarios of any expansion of the war with Lebanon. In this context, Tamir Hayman, the former head of the military intelligence department of the Zionist regime, said: Considering the situation we have with Hezbollah, there are no more than three options in front of us, all of which are bad:

– The first option is to continue with the status quo; Where we cannot return the residents of the northern settlements, we lose time and this process of erosion continues.

– The second option is to move towards a large and all-out confrontation. Moving towards such a war requires exceptional international and American support, and in addition, we must have a great internal unity, none of which currently exists.

– The third option, which is the worst of all options, is to conduct limited operations in Lebanon. In this operation, we have to pay a lot of money in the war without achieving any strategic achievements, and in the end Hezbollah remains and can rebuild itself.

He further emphasized: Accordingly, the best available solution is to make a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas and a ceasefire in Gaza, which will eventually lead to a ceasefire in Gaza. The northern front will also lead.

Al-Manar emphasized at the end of his article that it is necessary to mention the statements of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah in his speech on the occasion of the commemoration of the martyr “Haj Abu Talib”, the military commander of Hezbollah, who died in Let us remind you that the terrorist attack of the Zionists resulted in martyrdom. In these words, the Secretary General of Hezbollah said: The Zionists know that no place in occupied Palestine is safe from the missiles and drones of the Lebanese resistance, and the resistance of a bank has real and big targets deep in the occupied lands that can reach all of them. This option is on the table if it leads to massive confrontation. Also, the Zionist enemy knows very well what awaits him in the Mediterranean Sea, and all the coasts of occupied Palestine and the ships of the Zionist regime will be targeted.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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