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Russia: America is looking for regime change in Georgia

Russia's foreign intelligence service warned about the US Chinese conspiracy against Georgia and the possibility of a change of power in this country.

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of the Russian Federation announced in a statement to TASS today, Tuesday, that it had received “data” indicating that the United States was seeking a “change of power in Georgia.”

Russia’s foreign intelligence service believes that Washington is trying to change the regime in Georgia after the next parliamentary elections, which will be held in October this year.

The press office of Russia’s foreign intelligence service announced: [US President] Joe Biden’s administration has already launched a large-scale information campaign to discredit the ruling Georgian Dream party.

Meanwhile, European Union ambassador to Georgia, Pawel Hrcinski, announced on Tuesday that EU leaders decided to suspend Georgia’s EU accession process at the European Council meeting on June 27.

Herchinsky said in an interview with reporters that the approved law of “foreign factors” has become a challenge for the country’s accession to Europe, and he hopes that the parliamentary elections in October will open the way for its accession.

He emphasized: Anti-Western and anti-European slogans are completely incompatible with the goal of joining the European Union. Also, 30 million euros for financial aid to Georgia in 2024 were also frozen and other measures could be taken “if the situation worsens”.

Josep Burrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign policy and security, also warned that the approval of the “foreign agents” law could bring danger to Georgia.  

In May, Georgia’s parliament passed a new law on “foreign agents,” sparking widespread protests against the government and putting Tbilisi at odds with Washington and European countries. According to Western officials, this law will cause “democratic regression” in this Caucasus country.

According to the controversial bill called “Foreign Agents”, non-governmental organizations in this country that receive more than 20% of their budget from abroad must be registered as foreign agents.

Translator: Azam Purkand


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