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Joe Biden’s wife avoiding answering the reporter’s question about her health + video

Jill Biden avoided answering a reporter's question about Joe Biden's health and told him, "Do you know me, don't yell at me?"

According to Australia’s Sky News channel, the first lady of America confronted a reporter who asked her about her husband Joe Biden’s mental health during the election campaign and avoided answering his question.

This incident occurred amid the poor performance of the American president in the election debate with Donald Trump, his political rival, in 30. it. it; And it happened after many gaffes and incomprehensible sentences and confusion and distress of Joe Biden.

The reporter asked: Mrs. Biden, do you have a message for the Democrats who want your wife to withdraw from the presidential race? What is your opinion about the competitions?

Jill Biden, the first lady of America, answered: Why are you yelling at me? you know me. Do not shout at me. Just let me talk.

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