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The axes of consultation between “Stoltenberg” and the commander of the Pentagon

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization "NATO" and the US Secretary of Defense met in Washington.

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According to the statement published by NATO, Stoltenberg thanked Austin in this meeting for his “strong leadership” (!) in the Ukraine crisis and claimed: “This is unprecedented support.” All of us were confident about Ukraine.

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization condemned Russia’s alleged attacks on various areas of Ukraine, including the children’s hospital in Kiev, and claimed that NATO allies at today’s meeting made decisions to further strengthen the organization’s support for Ukraine will adopt.

In this meeting, Lloyd Austin also awarded the NATO Secretary General with the Distinguished Public Service Medal (!) which is the highest award of the US Department of Defense for foreign nationals.

Pskov pointed out that Russia does not target civilian targets and said: The missile that hit the children’s hospital in Kyiv does not belong to Russia, but to the Ukrainian anti-missile. It has fallen on the building.


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