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Jordan: UNRWA plays a heroic role in Gaza

Jordan's foreign minister supported UNRWA's role in helping Palestinians in Gaza.

The Relief and Employment Agency for Palestinian Refugees known as UNRWA is an organization affiliated to the United Nations, which plays the main role in providing aid to Palestinians, especially in Gaza. However, with the aim of deepening the genocide in Gaza, the Zionists attack this institution and prevent the activities of providing aid to the Palestinians. 

According to Al Jazeera, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi met today (Tuesday) with Philip Lazzarini, director of UNRWA and discussed the crisis situation in Gaza. 

In the press conference after this meeting, Safadi said: UNRWA’s ability to play its role in Gaza has decreased due to the obstacles imposed by the Zionist occupation on this agency. 
Referring to Tel Aviv’s plan to call UNRWA a terrorist and prevent its activities in the occupied territories, he added: UNRWA is a humanitarian organization that cannot be replaced. The truth is that no other international organization can do what UNRWA is doing in Gaza. 

Praising the actions of UNRWA aid workers in Gaza, the Jordanian Foreign Minister emphasized: UNRWA has played a heroic role in Gaza in order to help the suffering and oppressed Palestinians. In the conditions of the current humanitarian disaster in Gaza, the continuation of UNRWA is very necessary.

In the end, Safadi clarified: Israel’s attempt to assassinate UNRWA is part of this regime’s efforts to destroy the Palestinian cause. Jordan will use all its capacities to support UNRWA. 

Translator: Abulfazl Hashemi


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