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The conversation of the Minister of Defense of Armenia with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran

On Tuesday, the Minister of Defense of Armenia discussed and exchanged views on bilateral issues in a meeting with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this country.

According to the “Armena Press” news agency, “Soren Papakian”, the Minister of Defense of Armenia, met with “Abbas Badakhshan Zahouri”, the Iranian ambassador to Armenia, who is spending his last days in this country. met and talked.

Armenian senior officials have repeatedly pointed out the importance of relations with Iran. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan recently talked about good relations with Iran in an interview with one of the Czech Republic publications. He said that the main goal of Armenia’s foreign policy should be to establish normal relations with all its neighbors. In this conversation, Pashinyan emphasized that Armenia has good relations with Iran.

Recently, “Alan Simonyan”, the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, published pictures of the flags of Iran and Armenia side by side in a tweet and wrote: “Iran is our neighbor for a thousand years, Iran is a friend of Armenia.” This friendship will continue” (more details).

According to Armanapress, during this meeting, the dimensions of cooperation between the two countries as well as important security issues were discussed. In this meeting, the Minister of Defense of Armenia thanked the Iranian ambassador for his efforts in strengthening bilateral cooperation and wished him success.

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently introduced its new ambassador to Armenia, who will replace Abbas Badakhshan Zahori, who has been working in this position since 2020. Iran’s Foreign Ministry announced in a statement that Mehdi Sobhani, the country’s current ambassador to Syria, will be appointed as the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to Armenia after completing his mission.

Source: Fars


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