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UN experts condemned the “targeted” campaign to create famine in Gaza

UN experts say that the children of Gaza are losing their lives because of the "targeted campaign to create famine" of the Zionist regime.

An 11-person group of UN legal experts pointed out the death of three children aged 13 years, 9 years and 6 months due to malnutrition in the southern region of Khan Yunis and the central region of Deir al-Balah and said that this bitter incident happened at the end of May. This shows that the famine is no longer limited to northern Gaza and has spread throughout the besieged strip. 

According to Reuters, this statement, which was also signed by “Michael Fakhri”, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, states: “Israel’s deliberate and targeted campaign of starvation against the Palestinian people is a form of extreme violence of the type of genocide and leads to Famine has spread throughout the Gaza Strip. Experts say that since October 7, 34 Palestinians, most of whom were children, have died due to malnutrition. Based on this, it has been said that the death of children due to malnutrition shows that health structures have been attacked and severely weakened. 

These experts asked the international community to prioritize the delivery of humanitarian aid and try to establish a ceasefire.

Gaza has been facing a deep humanitarian crisis since the occupation by the Zionist regime and the blocking of humanitarian aid. The United Nations has been warning for months about an impending famine in Gaza, especially in the north. According to the latest Integrated Food Security Classification (IPC) report, almost the entire population of Gaza is struggling with food insecurity, and more than half of households have had to exchange clothes and other goods for money in order to buy food. According to this report, more than 340,000 Palestinians experience the most severe form of food insecurity, which is classified as “disaster”.

Translator: Zahra Najafi


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