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Lebanon’s Hezbollah heavy response to the assassination of the Islamic resistance fighter

Lebanon's Hezbollah, in response to the assassination of one of the Islamic resistance fighters by the Zionist army on the Damascus-Beirut road, set the occupied Golan on fire with dozens of Katyusha rockets.

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News Agency quoted Al-Nashrah, Lebanon’s Hezbollah carried out heavy attacks on the occupied Golan in response to the assassination of one of the fighters of the Islamic resistance.

In this regard, the information department of Hezbollah in Lebanon announced: In support of the stable Palestinian nation in the Gaza Strip and their brave and honorable resistance and in response to the aggression and terror that The Israeli enemy carried out in Al-Sabourah on the Damascus-Beirut road, on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, Islamic resistance fighters targeted the headquarters of the 210th Golan Division in the Nafah base on several occasions with dozens of Katyusha missiles.

Media sources affiliated with the Zionist regime also reported that following the rocket attacks of Lebanon’s Hezbollah on the occupied Golan, fires broke out in this occupied area.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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