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The war in Gaza is a real test for the entire human society

Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi emphasized that the oppression against the Palestinians and the crimes of the Zionist enemy in the Gaza Strip had an effect on spreading awareness in societies where the idea of ​​glorifying Zionism had been rooted for centuries.

reported by Mehr News Agency quoted Al-Masirah, the Secretary General of Yemen’s Ansar Allah Movement gave a speech about the latest developments in the region, especially the Zionist regime’s aggression on the Gaza Strip, which has entered its tenth month.

“Syed Abdul Malik Badreddin al-Houthi” said in this speech: Israel’s brutal invasion of the Gaza Strip during the last 10 months is a real and important test for the entire human society. War crimes and genocide against the Palestinian people are a real test for the conscience and values ​​of the common human society. Silence against the crime of genocide in Gaza means wasting the existence, human dignity and the right to life of human societies.

He continued: The crime committed by the Zionist enemy in the Gaza Strip is a violation of everything and is done based on a false and insulting vision of human societies. People in America, Europe and other human societies expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people based on their human conscience. The oppression in Palestine and the crimes of the Zionist enemy had an effect on spreading awareness in societies where the idea of ​​glorifying Zionism had been rooted for centuries. The tragedy of the Palestinian people had a great impact in creating awareness and removing all the obstacles that the Zionists had created among the people, especially in America and Europe.

Al-Houthi stated: The student movement and demonstrations condemning what is happening in Gaza show that in human societies there are still people who have a human conscience and adhere to it. The reflection and impact of the oppression of the Palestinian people and their steadfastness and the brutality of the enemy reached some western countries to the point where a number of residents of these lands converted to Islam. The Islam of those affected by the oppression of the Palestinian people is an image of what an Islamic society should be like.

The leader of Ansarullah noted: The enemy is targeting the Palestinian refugees in the areas it claims are safe, as if it is a trap for them. One of the heinous crimes of the enemy is the execution of three elderly people from the same family, one of them was martyred during torture and two were martyred by being crushed under the tanks. Palestinian refugees are targeted by American smart bombs, which are used against large armies. Amounts of food have been piled up in the American floating dock, and now the Palestinian people are dying of hunger.

Al-Houthi stated: For more than two months, the enemy continues to close the Rafah crossing and prevents the entry of any food and medical equipment into the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, the enemy continues to attack cities and villages, commit murders, kidnap people, and destroy houses and infrastructure.

He continued: The Americans turned the issue of demonstrations and sit-ins in support of Palestine into a war crime in which the participants are held accountable, tried and punished. America and the supporters of the Zionist enemy are betting on the tiredness and silence of the people, and despite this, the demonstrations of the supporters of Palestine continue in Europe and the West. We also send greetings to the people of Maghreb who did not follow the orders of the puppet regime, traitor to the nation, loyal to “Israel” and compromised with it. The people of Maghreb showed their loyalty, belonging, authenticity, humanity, values ​​and morals when they came out on a large scale in many cities to support the Palestinian people. We hope that many Arab countries will accompany the movement of the Maghreb people and benefit from this lesson.

The Secretary General of Ansarullah stated: Demonstrations and calls for a sit-in under the title of “sanctions campaign” are also taking place in Bahrain to strongly support the Palestinian nation. The path of boycotting American and Israeli goods is a very important path that all people and in all countries can do. To the dear people of Bahrain, who were acquitted from the position of Al-Khalifa’s puppet regime, and this is an important lesson for the rest of the nations who are negligent in the issue of sanctions. Al-Houthi emphasized: The Mujahideen and the people of Gaza are still firm and steadfast. and confront the enemy on all fronts. Jihad and resistance groups, despite the extent of invasion and siege, benefit from the experiences of the past period in developing their performance. One strong surprise was that a Qassam battalion, previously declared by the enemy as disbanded, carried out 14 operations in the first hours of the invasion of western Gaza. By comparing the reality of the suffering of the Palestinian people and its Mujahideen and the reality of the enemy, it becomes clear what consequences this hot conflict has. The Mujahideen in the Gaza Strip are still patient, steadfast and in the process of repairing their situation with little resources and suffering a lot and despite the widespread indifference of the Arab countries.

He also said: The Israeli enemy is facing recruitment problems in its army, and the desperation and emigration of Mahkus in the occupied territories has intensified. The enemy failed in blackmailing the Palestinian tribes and exploiting the famine and hunger to impose a government other than the government administration in the Gaza Strip. We salute all the Palestinian tribes for their decisive and conscious stance, which shows awareness, insight, coherence and steadfastness in rejecting all the efforts of the Israeli enemy. The Popular Front of Palestine is present in the heart of the battle and is the main and inflamed front that no one can claim a share from.

The Secretary General of Ansarullah added: The support fronts in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq are of great importance and imposed a new equation on the enemy at this stage of the conflict. There has never been as much support from the Arab countries to stand militarily alongside the Palestinian people and their mujahids as we are witnessing now in the support fronts. Americans and Western countries in general are very confused about the new important equation of support fronts. Considering the media onslaught that supports the Israeli enemy, the stability of the support fronts, their effectiveness and their sacrifices are clear, no matter how much some doubt.

Al-Houthi emphasized: Some Arab regimes have a clear desire to support the Israeli enemy, and their media is against the Palestinian people and resistance movements. The people under the rule of some Arab countries do not dare to declare their position in support of the Palestinian people. The negative role of some Arab regimes was manifested in the framework of their approach before the Gaza war under the title of normalizing relations, loyalty and alliance with the Israeli enemy. Some Arab regimes have entered into a partnership and program with the enemy of Israel, whose purpose is to destroy the Palestinian issue.

He continued: The support fronts are in full coordination with the Palestinian brothers and are seeking to intensify the confrontation more and more. The position of all support fronts is compatible and consistent with the Palestinian people and their resistance in every sense. But the final decision in the negotiations is with the Palestinian people and their resistance to the leadership of the Hamas movement. The role of support fronts is in the framework of all-round support and support for the Palestinian position and standing by it in the framework of supporting this just cause. Our support for the Palestinian resistance is continuous and without interfering in the details of the negotiations.

The leaders of Nasrallah, referring to the developments on the borders of Lebanon and occupied Palestine, said: Hezbollah’s support front is hot, effective and strong, and a number of its great commanders and warriors have offered themselves as martyrs. . The Hezbollah Front has kept 100,000 Zionist officers and soldiers hostage, destroyed Israel’s enemy positions in northern Palestine, and expelled tens of thousands of usurping Zionists from the settlements.


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