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Hamas: Israel continues to pursue the policy of wasting time in negotiations

The Hamas movement announced in a statement that the Zionist regime is pursuing a policy of wasting time in the negotiations with the aim of defeating this round of negotiations like the previous ones.

Furthermore, the statement of the Hamas movement states: So far, we have not received new information and details from the mediating countries about the negotiations aimed at achieving a ceasefire and exchange of prisoners.

At the same time, Osameh Hamdan, one of the leaders of the Hamas movement, told Al-Arabi: The Israeli side does not respond to the efforts of the mediators and threatens the current round of negotiations.

He added: America’s cautious optimism shows this country’s doubts about Netanyahu’s positions in bringing the negotiations to a dead end.

The senior member of the Hamas movement emphasized that Egypt does not agree with the Israeli occupation remaining in the Philadelphia axis.

Hamadan had previously said that the mediating countries should guarantee what is agreed upon in the negotiations with the Zionist regime.

Hamdan pointed out: the role of mediators is not only limited to presenting thoughts and ideas, but also includes guaranteeing what is agreed upon.

Negotiations between the Zionist regime and Hamas, with the mediation of Egypt and Qatar, have been stopped many times, and both sides have blamed each other for the failure of the negotiations.

Source: IRNA


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