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The besieged in Gaza: We have run out of water and food, we are waiting to die

39 days have passed since the war in Gaza and the situation in the Gaza Strip is getting worse. The water and food of the residents of the northern Gaza Strip have run out, and in the shadow of the tightening of the siege of hospitals and health centers, the people of Gaza are experiencing a situation beyond a crisis.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, under the shadow of the Zionist regime’s intensification of attacks against the Gaza Strip and the tightening of its siege ring, the situation of its residents is getting worse and more critical every day.

Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper today (Tuesday, November 14) on the 39th day of the Gaza war, by publishing a report on the situation of the people of this city, of the lack of basic food needed by residents in some areas where the asylum seekers are staying and the dire condition of the sick and injured in the hospitals.

People under the siege of Gaza: we are waiting to die at any moment

This newspaper wrote: Daily calls to besieged families in Gaza City and especially in its north, following the arrival of Israeli tanks in some of these areas and its severe siege, indicate that the people are unable to move at all. And if they leave their homes, they will definitely be killed. The residents of these areas are demanding the sending of the Red Cross forces to leave their homes because they have run out of food and drink, they are unable to do anything because of the fear of being killed by Israeli forces or having their houses destroyed.

According to this report, despite the claim of the Israeli army to open “a safe corridor” for those who want to leave their residence and go to the southern areas of Gaza, the access to these people There are no besieged including children, women, the elderly and the sick. On the other hand, the residents of the areas that the Israeli tanks could not reach, have much more difficult living conditions.

Al-Quds al-Arabi reporter contacted the families living in Gaza City and found out that they have not had water for a long time and their places of residence are full of garbage due to continuous bombings and the inability to provide services from the municipalities. And a serious danger threatens their health, and the possibility of the spread of infectious diseases has increased. These families also complain about running out of basic food in stores and commercial districts due to the siege and the failure to send humanitarian aid convoys to the residents of Gaza and the northern Gaza Strip.

According to this report, some of these families have to eat only one meal a day, which consists of a few biscuits or a piece of bread cooked over wood fires. They also have to significantly reduce the amount of contaminated water due to running out of drinking water. He lives in the center of the city, describes the living situation as catastrophic and says that the continuation of the situation in this way has led to the death of people and he plans to go to the south of the Gaza Strip, even though the conditions of his elderly family members are difficult and they They cannot travel that far. He said: We are waiting for death every moment. What we had was two gallons of water each with a capacity of 20 liters, which we used in 4 days while we ran out of food.

Forced displacement and searching for family members

On the other hand, the forced transfer of residents of Gaza City and northern areas to The center and south of the Gaza Strip continues, and a large number of residents of northern Gaza have left it, and after a long and difficult journey on foot, they have reached the center of Gaza or areas that accommodate many times their capacity of displaced people. Some of them have had to walk more than 30 kilometers. Some of them have experienced many problems and terror along the way, some of these Palestinian citizens have been detained by the Israelis and the Israeli army has used them as human shields.

They walk without knowing that they will reach the central and southern regions or they will lose their lives due to Israeli attacks on the way. In this way, they run the risk of being bombarded by fighters and being targeted by enemy tanks that are stationed on both sides of the road they cross. In addition, along the way, the invaders have targeted the displaced Palestinian citizens many times. Some of them talk about the fear they experienced on this route and say that on their way, they saw the bodies of those who were on this route before them and were targeted, and the occupiers prevented the arrival of medical staff and services for burial. These bodies become

According to the available information, the occupiers closely monitor the movement of Gazans on this road through the cameras they have installed.

Al Quds Al Arabi also interviewed a woman in her fifties. He has lost his family members in Gaza since the beginning of this week and says that they have left their home and that he has no way of communicating with them and does not even remember their phone numbers. The woman says that her family told her that they had left their home and were to be resettled in the al-Nusirat camp in central Gaza. But he goes from center to center in search of them and cannot find them.

The bodies of martyrs are decomposing in hospitals

All this is happening while the Israeli forces continue to besiege al-Shafa hospitals in the west of Gaza City and al-Quds in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, despite the large number of sick and injured and the martyrdom of many of them due to the lack of medicine and power outages. The premises of these hospitals are witnessing continuous attacks and bombardments by the Zionist regime’s drones, and the occupiers are targeting anyone in the premises of these hospitals. Novarghaza says: the lack of resources has forced doctors to amputate some of the injured due to the inability to perform surgery. A large number of the injured have also died due to bleeding and the inability of the teams to provide medical services.

In addition, the condition of children is very dire and tragic, and many lives have been lost. of them are at risk of death due to the lack of necessary medical care, especially in the Children’s Hospital and Al-Shifa Hospital. It is not able to accept premature babies.

Youssef Abu Al-Rish, Deputy Minister of Health of Gaza, who is also present at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, says that they are no longer able to count the number of martyrs.

Ashraf al-Qadara, the spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, also says that due to the continuous bombing around the hospital, ambulances cannot move. The medical teams of Al-Shifa Medical Complex are suffering from a severe siege, because since the arrival of Israeli tanks at the intersections near it, neither medical equipment nor food has arrived for the sick, wounded and medical staff.

“Ishaq Sider” the Minister of Communications also announced that communication lines and the Internet will be stopped in all areas of the Gaza Strip in the next five days due to the exhaustion of the fuel needed to run the generators feeding the main and side communication masts.

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