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Netanyahu’s request to Gantz to remain in the coalition cabinet

The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime asked the head of the Blue and White coalition not to resign in order to prevent the collapse of the cabinet.

to the report Mehr News Agency, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu In order to preserve his coalition cabinet and prevent it from collapsing, the Zionist joined Benny Gantz .

Accordingly, Netanyahu on his personal page on social network X (former Twitter) in this about wrote: Now is the time for unity and empathy, not hypocrisy and separation. We must now be united with each other in front of the serious task ahead of us.

Mickey Zahar, the Minister of Culture of the Zionist regime, in a similar message on X social network, asked Gantz in his decision to leave Giri to reconsider the coalition cabinet. In this message, he emphasized: especially in the current situation we are in, Gantz should remain in the coalition cabinet for the sake of Israel’s future.

Benny Gantz Earlier, by setting multiple deadlines for Netanyahu, he asked him for the future post-war in Gaza should present its plan, otherwise he threatened to remove him from the cabinet. Since the Likud party did not win the majority of seats in the previous Knesset elections, the Giri Benny Gantz means the collapse of the coalition cabinet and early elections in It will be occupied lands.

Polls in the occupied territories show that Gantz enjoys high general popularity among voters. And the possibility of him reaching the post of prime minister in case of general elections is high.


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