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The discovery of the body of the person who insulted the Quran in Norway

Some media reported that the body of Selvan Momika, an Iraqi refugee who repeatedly desecrated the Holy Quran last year, was found in Norway.

It has been reported that the body of Selvan Momika, an Iraqi refugee who desecrated the Holy Quran several times last year, has been found in Norway.

Radio Genova, Norway, published a message on social network X on Tuesday and reported that the body of a 37-year-old anti-Islamic Iraqi man was found. “The lifeless body of Iraqi refugee Salwan Sabah Mati Momika was found in Norway,” Radio Genova reported.

The media has refused to provide further details and hours later deleted its message, which had more than a million views. However, this message was published in many world media in the form of unofficial news.

Momika, who became a hated figure in many countries for insulting the Quran, was recently deported from Sweden. He, who had previously become a controversial person due to numerous insults to the Holy Quran, had gone to Norway from Sweden after his asylum was not renewed, and he planned to apply for asylum in this country.

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