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Proving that the attack of the Zionist army on the aid workers was intentional

Several human rights organizations published a report on the details of the occupation army's attack on the "Global Central Kitchen" charity organization's convoy and confirmed that, contrary to the occupation's claims to escape responsibility for this crime, the Zionist army deliberately targeted the said convoy.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, after the occupation regime army attacked the charity organization’s convoy Global Central Kitchen” during which 7 members of this caravan were victims of Zionist crimes and then the claims made by the occupiers to justify this crime, 3 Palestinian human rights organizations reported that the occupying regime targeted the Global Central Kitchen convoy in 3 stages. The data shows that, contrary to the claims of the Zionists, this was a deliberate act. The Palestinian Human Rights Center, the Al-Mizan Center, and the Al-Haq Institute reported that at 22:15 on Monday, the Zionist army fired 3 missiles at 3 The white Toyota Hilux convoy of the Global Central Kitchen attacked two of these cars with the logo of the Global Central Kitchen, and these cars were moving south on the coastal strip in front of the city of Deir al-Balah.

According to this report, the occupants targeted the first car of this convoy with a rocket, which resulted in the complete burning of the front part of this car, and the driver was able to escape and entered the other car of this convoy. Then, at a distance of 500 meters to the south, the occupying army targeted another car of this convoy, and in this attack, a rocket hit the roof of the car and 3 people who were inside lost their lives and 2 people who survived killed themselves. They reached the third vehicle, which was approximately one kilometer south, and this time the enemy planes also targeted the third vehicle with missiles, during which 4 other members of this convoy lost their lives.

In the continuation of this report, it is stated that one of these 7 victims of the Zionist crime was a woman, and they had Australian, Polish, and English citizenships, and several of them had dual American, Canadian, and Palestinian citizenships, and the driver was also Palestinian.

The aforementioned human rights organizations emphasized that the targeting of this convoy by the occupying army in three stages shows that the Zionists deliberately targeted this convoy. This also proves that the occupiers’ attacks on relief teams are completely deliberate and systematic, and the occupiers target aid convoys and humanitarian centers in a well-organized manner, in addition to civilians who are waiting for food aid.

On this basis, the occupying regime has been trying to expand the genocidal war against the people of Gaza by deliberately attacking aid centers and relief teams, and continues to use hunger as a weapon of war and has turned Gaza into a death zone. So that there is no safe place in Gaza and no one is safe from the crimes of the occupiers in this area.

The Zionist attack on international aid workers in the Gaza Strip
Netanyahu’s justifications about the attack on the workers of the charity organization in Gaza

After this crime by the Zionists, the World Central Kitchen Organization announced the immediate suspension of its operations in Gaza and emphasized that it will soon discuss the future of its work in This region will decide. This means that hundreds of thousands of people are deprived of the little aid that reaches the people of this region amid the crisis of hunger and famine in different regions of Gaza. and fascist occupations and it is also the result of the double standards of the international community according to which the usurping Zionist regime can commit any crime against humanity; Without being required to answer.

On Monday night, on the 171st day of Al-Aqsa Storm, the Zionist occupation regime targeted the car of an international aid team affiliated with the World Central Kitchen in the Gaza Strip, leaving 7 dead.

Global Central Kitchen announced that the employees of this organization were targeted after leaving a warehouse in Deir al-Balah despite coordination with the Zionist army. This is an attack not only on this organization, but on all organizations active in the field of humanitarian affairs.

Global Central Kitchen is a governmental non-governmental organization that prepares food in crisis-prone and distressed areas.

After the strong reactions to this crime of the occupation, Netanyahu admitted to the air attack of the Zionist regime on the employees of the Global Central Kitchen charity organization, and claimed that the killing of this person was “accidental”. These events happen in wars! We are investigating the whole incident and are in contact with their respective governments. “Herzi Hallowi”, the head of the joint staff of the occupying army, also called the attack on the convoy of the “Global Central Kitchen” charity organization “unintentional” and as a result He considered it a “big mistake”. He claimed that the Zionist army made a big mistake in identifying the identity of these employees in the shadow of war conditions and at night. This claim is true. Several officials of the occupying army told Haaretz newspaper that the vehicles of the Central Kitchen Organization were moving on a route that was coordinated with the Israeli army before.

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