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Hospitals in the Gaza Strip have turned into ruins

The International Committee of the Red Cross warned about the catastrophic health and medical situation in the Gaza Strip.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Al Jazeera, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced that the hospitals in the Gaza Strip have become ruins as a result of the attacks of the Zionist regime against this strip.

This international body emphasized: activists and aid workers are being killed and losing their lives in the Gaza Strip.

The International Committee of the Red Cross added: Humanitarian aid and medical services are very limited in the Gaza Strip.

This committee announced: The destruction of the medical and health system in the Gaza Strip means the destruction of civilians in this strip.

Recently, the Director of the Zionist and Palestinian Division of the Human Rights Watch BAN has announced So far, more than 170 aid workers have lost their lives in Gaza.

He added: The attack on these forces in the Gaza Strip must be stopped. Today, anyone who tries to help the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is at risk of being killed.

This official of the human rights organization Ban stated: Israel, despite the activities of the caravan The aid workers in the Gaza Strip were informed and targeted them.

In its latest crime against foreign relief forces in the Gaza Strip, the Zionist army targeted the vehicle of the team affiliated with the World Central Kitchen organization in this strip.

Yesterday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced that the Zionist regime’s army committed seven murders and other crimes in this strip within 24 hours. The interior ministry added that 71 Palestinians were martyred and 102 people were injured in these attacks.

The number of war martyrs in Gaza has increased to 32 thousand 916 people and the number of wounded people has increased to 75 thousand 494 people since October 7.

Almost 8,000 people are still missing and under the rubble, and the rescue forces are unable to reach them due to the lack of facilities and the continued attacks of the Zionist regime.


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