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Good luck to the Dutch “Mark Rutte” for being the Secretary General of NATO

The countries of Estonia and Lithuania have also announced their agreement with the candidacy of Dutch Mark Rutte for the position of the future Secretary General of NATO, and in this way, as the list of his supporters has increased, his chances of holding this position have increased.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, quoted by “Spiegel” weekly, Mark Ruthe Currently, he is only acting as the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and his next task is probably waiting for him in Brussels.

According to the Western media of Estonia and Lithuania, Mark Rutte is also known as They support the candidate for NATO Secretary General. Estonia’s foreign ministry announced: “After thorough discussions, we have made sure that Mark Rutte is ready to take steps to strengthen the alliance and that Estonia can support his ambitions.” Kaja Kalas, the Prime Minister of Estonia, who was once mentioned as a possible successor to Jens Stoltenberg, the resigned Secretary General, has announced that he supports Rutte’s nomination.

Lithuania has also supported Rutte’s nomination for the future Secretary General of NATO. Is. “Gitanas Nausda”, the president of this country after meeting with Rutte in Vilnius, said that the Dutch official was one of the politicians who recognized the Russian threat early and drastically changed his attitude towards Russia. According to him, this 57-year-old man is also particularly sensitive to threats from NATO’s eastern wing. Rutte needs the approval of all 32 members of this alliance to be appointed as the Secretary General of NATO. According to Etihad circles, he can now have the support of 28 Alliance countries – Hungary and Romania, among others, are not supporters of the Dutch candidate but his candidacy is mainly supported by Germany, Britain and the United States. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has also applied for the post of NATO President.

“Claus Iohannis” the President of Romania recently announced that he has decided to run for NATO Secretary General.

Current NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg has extended his term several times, but the Norwegian official wants to finally step down in October after a decade at the helm of the North Atlantic defense alliance.

During his tenure as Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Rutte has maintained good relations with various heads of government in the United Kingdom and the United States. Those ties also include former US President Donald Trump, who is seeking re-election and has repeatedly made headlines with critical remarks about NATO. Rutte has repeatedly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin. NATO in the shadow of Trump’s threats

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