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Egypt’s warning about the Zionist regime’s use of starvation weapons in Gaza

Egypt warned against the Israeli regime resorting to the weapon of "starvation" and attacking Rafah.

Muhammad Mustafa Arfi, Egypt’s Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States, emphasized Cairo’s firm opposition to any attempt to displace the Palestinian people from the Gaza Strip.

According to the report of Russia Elium, Egypt also condemned Israel’s statement about the ground invasion of Rafah city, which will cause a great disaster.

Mohammed Arfi, in his speech at the extraordinary meeting of the Council of the Arab States at the level of permanent representatives, said: Egypt’s position is firm and rejects any attempt by the forces of the occupying regime to separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank.

Emphasizing that Israel is seeking to use the weapon of hunger in the war against the Palestinian people, he announced that Egypt will continue its role in providing assistance to the Palestinian people to reduce the burden of this siege.

Egyptian representative said: The number of martyrs of the Gaza war has reached about 32 thousand people, which shows the severe fall of international law and reminds of the heinous massacres that happened in the Middle Ages.

Mohammed Arfi further warned against any aggression and crime by the occupying forces against the Palestinian people in Al-Aqsa Mosque and emphasized Egypt’s support in solidarity with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for IDPs in providing basic services to Palestinians. /p>

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