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Spain: The war in Gaza must be stopped based on the resolution of the Security Council

Considering that the ceasefire resolution in Gaza was approved by the Security Council, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez emphasized that the resolutions of the Security Council are binding and the war must stop.
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according to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, citing the Palestinian Information Center, Sanchez, pointing out that Spain as much as possible will communicate with all parties to resolve the current crisis in the Gaza Strip, he said: We ask Israel not to carry out a military operation against Rafah. conflicts, respecting international laws and facilitating the arrival of aid to the Gaza Strip, and added: any escalation of tension and conflict in the region will have very dangerous consequences.

While reports show Spain’s determination to recognize is an independent Palestinian state, Sanchez pointed out: our approach and political attitude is based on the establishment of the Palestinian state. We support the full accession of Palestine to the United Nations as a sovereign country.

In the continuation of the aggression of the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip, the army of this regime during an air attack caused The lives of several foreign aid workers of different nationalities were killed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday admitted to the air attack on the employees of the “World Central Kitchen” charity organization. He said that the killing of this person was “accidental”.

Netanyahu’s justifications for the attack on charity workers In Gaza

Pedro Sanchez, in response to Netanyahu’s statements, called the explanations given about the killing of 7 aid workers of the “World Central Kitchen” insufficient and impossible. It was accepted.

The Prime Minister of Spain explained this in a news conference in Qatar on Wednesday: This is unacceptable and insufficient and we are waiting for a more detailed and much stronger explanation. We are.

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