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Moscow: NATO is a tool for American domination

Diplomats of the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that America is afraid of China and Russia, and even of the European Union gaining power, and said: NATO is a tool for maintaining American hegemony and deterring Russia, and Ukraine has been used and destroyed solely for this purpose.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Alexander Grushko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, this Thursday In an interview with “Tass” news agency, he expressed the opinion that the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) is the only tool of American hegemony in the international arena.

This Russian diplomat said: NATO’s goal, which was established 75 years ago, has not changed in any way during these years. This organization is the only tool in the hands of the United States to maintain its hegemony, a tool for Europe’s compliance with America’s military-political interests, and a tool that the Americans consider as one of the main mechanisms for displaying their power on a global scale.

According to Groshko, Washington sees any country that favors a multipolar world and does not recognize the superiority of the United States as a threat. At the same time, the supporters of the multipolar world are getting more and more every year, and as a result, the United States has seen more opponents and political rivals around it and is worried about the current situation in the world.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia emphasized that America is primarily afraid of China and Russia, as well as of the European Union coming to power. He explained: The reason for that is clear because in the economic field it is clear that America and Europe are not partners, rather Washington has competitive relations with the European Union. For this reason, NATO remains a very important, if not the key, tool for such maintenance of US dominance and a tool for its allies to comply with Washington’s foreign policy programs and directives. NATO sees Russia as Ukraine’s chosen main target is only a tool

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, also believes that NATO has chosen Russia as the target of its aggressive policy, and Ukraine is only an anti- Russia is to achieve this goal.

This diplomat also reminded: today, April 4, the NATO alliance celebrates its 75th anniversary; On the eve of this day, Jens Stoltenberg, its Secretary General, suggested that military supplies from NATO countries to Ukraine should be made mandatory instead of voluntary, which is a reflection of the alliance’s anti-Russian policy. He added: And secondly, this situation confirms that they use Ukraine only as a means to achieve their goals. Stoltenberg’s statements are evidence of the thesis, which we have been talking about for a long time and which NATO members often reject, that the NATO alliance has a completely anti-Russian policy. According to Zakharova, the creation of the NATO-Ukraine Council is actually only This is what Kiev was able to get from its Western supporters in exchange for the destruction of this country in this anti-Russian frenzy. This coalition wanted to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, but instead destroyed Ukraine.

He also mentioned that the meeting of NATO foreign ministers shows the fact that NATO is still a tool to guarantee the interests of the United States. United States and its policy is determined by Washington.

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