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Biden and Zelensky met/US aid of 225 million dollars to Ukraine

In the current meeting with the President of Ukraine, the American President promised him that he will sign the 225 million dollar military aid from Washington to Kiev in the next few hours.

reported by Mehr News Agency According to the media of the US Congress (Hill), US President Joe Biden met and consulted with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Normandy, France.

According to the announcement of this media, in this meeting, the President of the United States apologized for the delay in sending Washington’s aid to Kiev and said that today a new aid package for Ukraine worth will sign 225 million dollars.

According to Hill, Biden is meeting with Zelensky in Normandy; where the heads of some countries of the world have gathered in the ceremony of the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the Allies (in World War II).

In this meeting, the American president unveiled another $225 million aid package to Ukraine and said: I apologize for weeks of not knowing what would be approved in the budget. do Because we approved the bill that we should have approved and the money (aid to Ukraine) was in it; We had a problem. Some of our very conservative members (Republicans of Congress) would have kept it.

Joe Biden added: But we finally did it.

According to the Hill, Joe Biden signed a $95 billion national security package in late April, which included $61 billion in aid to Ukraine in its war against Russian forces.

It should be noted that the Russian army 24 February 2022 (5 March 1400) “special military operation” started in eastern Ukraine; Senior officials of the Russian government say that this operation was launched in response to the request of the leaders of Donetsk and Luhansk to protect them from Ukrainian forces.

By Sputnik, Russian President Vladimir Putin He said that the purpose of this operation is “to support the people who were subjected to genocide and persecution by the Kiev regime for more than 8 years”.

Since then, Western countries have used this excuse They have intensified their anti-Russian approach.

While Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the purpose of this operation is to “support the people who For more than 8 years they were subjected to genocide and persecution by the Kiev regime, but America and Western countries To counter the advance of the Russian army, while sending all kinds of advanced weapons to the Ukrainian army, they have imposed many sanctions against Russia.


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