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Hamas reiterated its demands in a meeting with the Egyptian Minister of Information

The delegation of Hamas once again emphasized its demands in the meeting with the Egyptian Minister of Information.

report Mehr News Agency, citing the Palestine Information Center, the Islamic resistance movement Hamas announced in a statement that the movement’s delegation arrived in Cairo. and has met with Abbas Kamel, the Minister of Information of Egypt.

Hamas added that this delegation met with the Egyptian Minister of Information on its national demands and insistence He emphasized on reaching an agreement that would completely stop the war in Gaza, the withdrawal of the occupying forces from this strip, the free return of the refugees to their homes, the provision of aid to the Palestinians, the beginning of the reconstruction of the destruction caused by the enemy’s attacks, and reaching an agreement for the exchange of prisoners in order to release the prisoners. Palestinian should be led against Israeli prisoners with Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza.

Deputy Hamas also insists on Palestinian currents and groups to realize their national goals, to form an independent state. Palestine emphasized the capital of Jerusalem and the realization of the right of return and self-determination.

On the other hand, the Zionist Radio and Television Organization conducted a survey according to which 68 percent of Israelis They said that Netanyahu is not managing the war against Gaza properly.

Also, 42 percent of Israelis demanded Netanyahu’s immediate resignation due to the October 7 defeat.

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Channel 12 TV of the Zionist regime also conducted a survey based on which, 50% of Israelis They said that early elections should be held and Netanyahu’s cabinet should end.

According to this survey, only 14% of Israelis said they are confident that the government will release the prisoners Israel has done everything necessary in Gaza.

49 percent of Israelis also emphasized that political motives are behind Netanyahu’s decisions.

Also, according to the results of this survey, 41 percent of Israelis believe that Netanyahu is responsible for the tension with President He is the president of the United States.

46 percent of Israelis also declared their agreement with military operations in Lebanon.

On the other hand, Palestinian sources announced that Israeli fighters hit a point in They bombed Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip.

These sources reported that an explosion was heard in Rafah following this attack.

A few hours ago, Quds forces announced a quad Copter has overthrown and taken control of the Zionist army in Gaza. The Quds Brigades announced that one of the Mujahidin snipers of these brigades killed an Israeli occupying soldier inside a house in Sheikh Ajlin area. in the southwest of Gaza City, it has been targeted and destroyed.

Also the mother of “Jacob Flickinger ” One of the English-born international aid workers who was killed in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist army, contacted Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, asking to stop War broke out in Gaza.

In this phone call, he emphasized that Washington should put pressure on the Zionist regime to stop the war and killings in Gaza.

He said that if Washington threatened Israel to suspend aid, his child would be alive now. .

Previously the United Nations Special Rapporteur on food issues announced that the army Israel is deliberately bombing humanitarian convoys in Gaza despite knowing their route.

According to the UN Special Rapporteur, Israel does not want any aid to reach the needy in Gaza and with This is creating a clear and deliberate famine against the Palestinians.


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