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The latest developments regarding the possible ceasefire agreement in Gaza

The media, citing a high-ranking source, claimed that the Israeli regime and Hamas were close to an agreement with the support of Egypt, Qatar and the United States to achieve an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the movement The Palestinian Islamic Resistance (Hamas) announced that its delegation arrived in Cairo and met with Abbas Kamel, the head of Egyptian intelligence.

Hamas added that this delegation met with the minister Egypt’s intelligence has emphasized its national demands and its insistence on reaching an agreement that includes the complete cessation of the war in Gaza, the withdrawal of the occupying forces from this strip, the free return of the displaced to their homes, the provision of aid to the Palestinians, the beginning of the reconstruction of the destruction caused by the enemy’s attacks, and the achievement of An agreement for the exchange of prisoners in order to release Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli prisoners with Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza should result. He emphasized the realization of national goals, the formation of an independent state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, and the realization of the right of return and self-determination. It is expected that America will make a proposal to open the main knot in connection with the return of displaced Palestinians to northern Gaza, and the Israeli regime will show its “softness” in this regard.

The Russian Sputnik news agency, citing a high-ranking Egyptian source, claimed that Egypt, the United States and Qatar have agreed on the need to create a formula to achieve an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

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