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Yemeni expert: Sadiq’s promise was to break the strongest fortress in the world

In an analytical video, "Salim Al-Muntasir", a Yemeni expert, has discussed the regional and international consequences of the Islamic Republic of Iran's True Promise operation against the Zionist regime and its effects on the changes in the equations of deterrence in favor of the resistance axis.
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According to the Arabic website Tasnim News Agency, “Salim Al-Muntasir”, a Yemeni expert, in an analytical video, examines the dimensions and consequences of the Sadiq operation in response to the attack by the occupying Quds regime on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.




Al-Muntasir considered the operation “Sadiq’s Promise” as a legitimate right of the Islamic Republic of Iran and a natural response from Iran to the heinous crime of the Zionist regime in targeting our country’s consulate in Damascus and added: “In the air attack of the Zionist regime Some of the great commanders of the resistance axis were martyred and this response was obligatory.”

” It revived the honor, dignity and respect of the Islamic nations among other nations of the world and it was a real Eid for all the free people of the world. Even the anti-Zionist Jews around the world expressed their happiness after this operation and supported it. “At the same time, this Mubarak operation was a strong slap in the face of the Zionists and forced them to ask for help from America, England and their allies, allies who tried to turn Israel into the strongest fortress in the world, but none of the Western defense systems could protect the Zionist regime. protect them.”

He continued: Many Iranian missiles and drones accurately hit the targets and even caused widespread destruction according to the admission of the Zionist authorities. and dozens of Zionist soldiers were killed and wounded.

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This operation had a clear message for America that in case of a direct war with the Islamic Republic of Iran, all American bases throughout the Middle East will be easily attacked. Iranian missiles and drones will be deployed, and the air defense systems will not be able to deal with them, and even if America takes a foolish action, it will suffer a heavy price.

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