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Netanyahu’s war cabinet is one step away from collapse

Informed media sources claimed that the head of the opposition of the Israeli regime will announce his separation from Benjamin Netanyahu's war cabinet this Saturday.

– International news

According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, web The American news website Axios, which is closely related to the Israeli regime authorities, wrote this Saturday morning that Benny Gantz, a member of the Israeli regime’s war cabinet, will announce his resignation during his press conference this Saturday.

Gantz is the head of the “Government Camp” party and for more than eight months, he had differences with Netanyahu over the administration of the war, and as the war dragged on and as a result, he moved away from its stated goals, these differences increased day by day. And during the last week, he officially threatened to leave the war cabinet if the prisoner exchange negotiations with Hamas are not completed. This deadline will end tomorrow.

In response to this threat to Gantz’s resignation, Netanyahu said that if it comes true, he will have to dissolve the cabinet. The situation is becoming more and more difficult for the Israeli army and the cabinet and the party of the prime minister of the Israeli regime, and according to the Zionist media, the occupying army is looking for reinforcements from door to door. Because it has faced a severe shortage of troops and soldiers.

62% of Zionists will not vote for Netanyahu’s party

Also, 56% of Zionists believe that the government of the regime Israel with Netanyahu as prime minister should accept the prisoner exchange agreement with Hamas, and 56 percent believe that Netanyahu’s main considerations regarding the prisoner exchange case are political.

Haaretz: We are stuck on all fronts, including the Lebanese front

In this regard, the Haaretz newspaper of the Israeli regime quoted “Amos Hariel”, a columnist Nizami himself wrote: Tel Aviv is moving towards a multi-dimensional catastrophic failure. We are stuck on all fronts, and the most important of these fronts is the Lebanese front, which is becoming a big fire (against Israel). Defeat against Hezbollah

On the other hand, Ma’ariv newspaper, published in the occupied territories, admitted that the Zionist regime’s army failed to attack Hezbollah’s suicide drones. intercept the military website of Marj Bani Amer.

Possibility of dissolving the war cabinet of the Israeli regime

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