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Monologue Anti-Israel protests in the West, the collapse of the anti-Semitic taboo

In an analytical video for Tasnim news agency, an international relations expert stated that the anti-Israeli protests of students in the West show the depth of conflict between governments and nations, as well as an end to the accusation of anti-Israeli movements being anti-Semitic.
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According to the Arabic website Tasnim News Agency, “Rizvan Qassem”, an expert on international issues, in an analytical video, considers the formation of waves of nationwide protests against Israel in the Western world as an indication of the conflict between nations and governments in supporting the Zionist regime.

p dir=”RTL” style=”text-align:justify”. In fact, the Zionist lobbies have great influence and influence on these governments, especially since this is not the first time that people demonstrate against the policies of the ruling governments.

This expert International Affairs added: Western statesmen are worried about anti-Zionist protests in universities, because the university is the most important and dangerous institution for the government and the promoter of the ruling ideology of any country. It is clear that the student demonstrations in the West discredited the taboo that any movement against Israel is accused of anti-Semitism. This has reached the point of no return.

In his evaluation of the possibility of protest movements influencing the policies of Western countries, he said: I don’t think so. At least in the current situation and until elections are held in important western countries, these movements will not have much impact on the policies of their governments. We know that the elections of many European countries as well as the United States are close, and of course the officials must be accountable and the people at the polls will hold them accountable.

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Qassem added in the final part of his video: the ballot box is the real punishment of the government. Western countries and their policies of the previous period, especially that nowadays students, professors and universities directly play a role in informing the people of these countries and will definitely have a major impact on the upcoming elections, and European governments may be responsible for the actions that have done, be tried.

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