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Tel Aviv went to great lengths to justify a crime against Palestinian children

By announcing the intention of the United Nations to include the name of the Zionist regime in the black list of children's rights violators, Tel Aviv started to justify a brutal crime in the Nusirat camp.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Al-Mayadeen, the information office of the government of the Gaza Strip issued a statement and emphasized that the Zionist regime is spreading lies about its crimes against the residents of the Nusirat camp in this strip.

The statement of this Palestinian government body states: The Zionist occupiers have claimed that they killed only 17 “terrorists” in the attack on the Nusirat camp. Tel Aviv has also published the names of the people killed in this attack.

In the continuation of this statement, it is emphasized: while some people whose names are on the list of the Zionist regime are still alive and one person is outside of The Gaza Strip lives. This list contains the names of people who were martyred at different times and places.

The information office of the Gaza Strip government added: The Zionist regime killed at least 14 Palestinian children during the bombing of the Nusirat camp, but it claims that no children were involved in these attacks. He was not brutally martyred.

The United Nations plans to put the name of the Zionist regime on the black list of children’s rights violators in war zones.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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