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Iraqi Islamic Resistance drone attack on Eilat

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced in the continuation of its operations that it targeted a military target in Eilat.
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According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced this morning (Wednesday) that it targeted a military target in “Umm al-Rasharash” (Eilat) located in the south of occupied Palestine with a drone.

In the video released by the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, two drones are fired at predetermined targets.

Iraqi resistance drone attack on the Israeli military base in Eilat

Meanwhile, Iraqi sources told Al-Mayadeen network that in this operation for the first time from Two new drones have been used, the first drone is called “Al-Arfad”, but the specifications and name of the second drone have not yet been announced. According to these sources, this drone is faster than the previous drones that were used. And the power of destruction and technology have a major difference. >


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