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Why can’t the Iron Dome stop Hezbollah’s fireworks?

The huge damage caused by Hezbollah's missile and drone attacks on the occupied territories has been raised these days, while the Zionists do not see any way to solve this problem.

report Mehr News Agency, the Zionist media Calkasite in an article written by “Nitsan Sadan” investigated the successful missile and drone attacks of Lebanon’s Hezbollah on the occupied territories and raised the question why anti-missile systems The Zionist regime is unable to intercept these missiles and drones.

According to this report, Lebanon’s Hezbollah unveiled the said missile during the Syrian war in 2012. This missile is an easy and economical tool to destroy the fortifications of the enemy army. According to this report, firing this missile does not require high risk and its launch platforms can be carried on a truck and hidden after one minute of launch. The production cost of each of these missiles is less than 400 dollars, but the damage it can cause to enemy positions is very high.

The Zionist writer adds that this missile is like a solar water heater and its movement in the air is very slow, so that it is possible to see it. This is the issue that causes the complexity of intercepting this missile.

According to this report, the mentioned missile system is very accurate in evading radar systems and even if the attacking missile is very fast or flies at a low altitude, the possibility of escaping by There is this rocket. Because this missile is not a regular missile and it moves at a very low altitude and is fired at short distances. Hezbollah forces launch these missiles at very short distances, and the launch phase does not last more than 10 seconds until the missile hits. In this way, the Iron Dome system will not have the opportunity to intercept this missile in this short period of time.

This Zionist article further adds that the only system capable of intercepting and destroying these missiles is the anti-aircraft system that works with lasers, but these anti-aircraft systems The missile has not yet entered the service of the army and is being tested. Of course, even if these anti-missiles were in the experimental stage, the Zionists probably used them to intercept Hezbollah missiles, so it seems that such missiles have not yet been produced in the occupied territories.

This author, referring to the impasse of the Zionist regime in intercepting the aforementioned missiles, wrote that the only way to stop the firing of these missiles is intelligence elites on the border areas of Lebanon. In this way, the Zionists can deal with the resistance elements that are preparing to launch these missiles and destroy them.

This solution of the Zionist website was proposed if, according to the media of this regime, the precise performance of the Lebanese Hezbollah in destroying surveillance and intelligence systems on the borders of Lebanon and the Zionist regime Even Tel Aviv’s intelligence aristocracy destroyed the occupied territories adjacent to the borders of Lebanon, and the same factor caused other types of missiles and drones of Hezbollah to hit their intended targets without any problems, thus closely monitoring the border areas of Lebanon. It seems far more difficult and even impossible for the Zionist regime.


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