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Haaretz: The destruction of Hamas infrastructure in Gaza is not true

Haaretz newspaper wrote that after every operation of the Israeli army, Hamas quickly recovers its "massive capability" and the destruction of the infrastructure of this resistance group is not true.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Haaretz newspaper in a report about the new phase of the Israeli army attack He wrote to the “Jabalia” camp in the north of Gaza that most of the soldiers of this regime consider the operation in this area to be pointless; Because they believe that after each operation, Hamas quickly recovers its “extensive capability” and restores itself in other areas. The destruction of Hamas’s infrastructure is not valid. Full-scale war in Rafah and Jabaliya In Jabalia

in this regard, a high-ranking officer of the occupying army told this Hebrew-language newspaper: “Hamas has recently changed its war tactics and has focused more on bombing and trapping buildings.”

The Jabalia camp in the north of the Gaza Strip has become a full-fledged battlefield and the Zionist occupation continues to bombard houses and refugee settlement centers as one of their main targets. On Saturday evening, the occupying army announced the beginning of the second phase of the invasion of the Jabalia camp; Where it is said that after the withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from this camp, Hamas has been able to rebuild itself in this camp. have inflicted a fatal blow on the aggressors.

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