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“Haaretz”: Hamas has recently changed its war tactics

With the prolongation of the war in the Gaza Strip and the strength of the Palestinian fighters in the battle against the Zionist enemy, after seven months, political criticism has increased in the media circles of the Zionist regime against Tel Aviv's performance.

report Mehr News Agency, Al-Mayadeen network quoted the Zionist newspaper Ha’aretz and reported: The Hamas movement is rapidly restoring its strength. This movement is rebuilding its structure in other areas of the Gaza Strip.

This Hebrew newspaper added: The majority of Israeli soldiers believe that the army’s operation in Jabalia is futile.

Haaretz newspaper also emphasized: The recent operation showed that the Israeli army’s assessments of the Hamas movement’s infrastructure were wrong.

A senior officer of the Zionist regime stated in a conversation with this newspaper: Hamas has recently changed its war tactics.

Last night, Zionists dissatisfied with the war also demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of War in Tel Aviv.

The Al Jazeera reporter announced that the Zionists supporting the prisoner exchange agreement with the resistance in Gaza once again demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of War of the Zionist regime.

It is also said that the protesters set fire in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of War.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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