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America threatened to sanction Georgia

After the final approval of the "Foreign Factors" law in the Georgian Parliament, the president of this country promised to veto this law, and the US State Department also condemned its approval and threatened Tbilisi with sanctions.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting “Novesti” news agency, the president of Georgia, Salome Zorabishvili, once again announced that he intends to veto the law on foreign agents, which was approved by the parliament of this country on Tuesday.

He emphasized in a conversation with CNN last night that he will veto this law, although the country’s parliament can cancel this decision based on the majority vote of the representatives.

Ms. Zurabishvili had previously said she would veto the law. After that, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze called the president a foreign influencer.

The law of foreign agents in Georgia does not correspond to American values

Vedant Patel, the deputy press office of the US Department of State, also in a press conference Stated that the Foreign Agents Act, which Georgia’s parliament passed on Tuesday, is inconsistent with US values. He stressed: “This law does not correspond not only to American values, but also to the aspirations of the Georgian people.” Patel added that the Georgian government should take a stand on this law. Change your approach. According to him, this contradicts not only the desire of the government of this country to join the European Union, but also the desire to cooperate with NATO.

On Tuesday, the Parliament of Georgia The “Factors of Foreign Influence” law was approved in the third final reading. 84 representatives voted in favor of approving this law and 30 representatives opposed it. Following the protests, the parliament had to adjourn as the majority representatives and the opponents of the United National Movement physically clashed with each other. At the same time, protestors of this law gathered outside the parliament building and started a large-scale demonstration. Red announced and strict measures were taken to enter the parliament building.

Protests against the approval of this law started in mid-April and are still going on.

The Law on “Foreign Agents” will be approved today in the Parliament of Georgia
Intensification of protests in front of the parliament Georgia
President’s intention Georgia to veto the “foreign agents” law

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