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Qatar: An agreement can be reached if Israel stops aggression

The spokesman of Qatar's foreign ministry stressed the need for continuous aid to Gaza and announced that if Israel stops its aggression, a ceasefire agreement can be reached.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, “Majeed Al-Ansari, the spokesman of Qatar’s Foreign Ministry, announced during his remarks about the ceasefire talks that have reached an impasse: If the Israelis stop insisting on continuing the war in Gaza, a ceasefire agreement can be reached within a few days.

He added that Qatar continues its efforts together with other Arab countries and the United States to reach an agreement on a ceasefire in Gaza, and if Israel stops attacking, an agreement can be reached.

The spokesperson of Qatar’s Foreign Ministry stressed that the reconstruction of Gaza requires tens of billions of dollars and now aid should be allowed to enter Gaza unconditionally.

This is while yesterday, “Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani”, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, announced in his speech about the Gaza ceasefire negotiations and the exchange of prisoners: the negotiations about the ceasefire in Gaza have almost entered a state of stagnation. and the events that happened in Rafah delayed the talks. End the heinous crimes against the Palestinians. There are uncertainties about how Israel will stop the war, and we will continue to push for a ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

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