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Lapid’s criticism of the military operations of the Israeli army in Rafah

The opposition leader of the Zionist cabinet said that exchanging prisoners is better than military operations in Rafah.

report Mehr News Agency, Yair Lapid, the leader of the opposition to the Zionist regime’s cabinet, in an interview with the regime’s radio, while criticizing the operation of the Israeli army in Rafah, said that the exchange and return of prisoners is more important than the military operation in Rafah. Is.

He is one of the serious critics of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war policies. Israel knew and emphasized that the failed management of the Israeli cabinet caused this American action.

Although the American government recently tried to pretend with propaganda blackmail that it will stop transferring its weapons to the Zionist regime, some sources in the American Congress say that the United States in He intends to give a new package of more than one billion dollars worth of weapons and ammunition to Israel.

The Wall Street Journal also confirmed this news and quoted officials in the White House as saying that the arms transfer includes $500 million for tactical vehicles and $60 million for mortar rounds. It will be.

America’s aid to Israel in the Gaza war has faced the anger of the American society, so much so that during the last four weeks, American universities protested the Zionist regime’s genocide in the Gaza Strip. , is a witness to the protests that were seen from the observers’ point of view, for example in the 1960s and the protests of the universities of this country against the Vietnam War.

These protests against the Zionist genocide in more than 50 American universities went as far as some other western countries of Australia (Universities of Melbourne and Sydney), Canada ( McGill and Concordia Universities), France (Paris Institute of Political Studies and Sorbonne University), Italy (Sapienza University), England (Leeds University, London College and Warwick University) and…


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