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What “trump card” did Blinken promise in his meeting with Zelensky?

According to some media reports, in the meeting with the President of Ukraine, the US Secretary of State announced the shipment of weapons to Kiev, which will change the equation of the war!

report Mehr News Agency, citing Rashatudi, some media claimed that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, pointing out that Washington’s military aid, which Kiev has been waiting for for a long time, It is on the way, he stressed that this new weapons package will change the equations!

Blinken arrived in Kyiv yesterday morning on an unannounced trip to hold a secret meeting with the Ukrainian authorities. This is his fourth trip to this country, and it took place after the approval of Washington’s $61 billion military aid bill for Kiev.

Although no official statement has yet been released about the meeting between Blinken and Zelensky, the Associated Press and Reuters claimed that the US diplomat told Zelensky that “help is on the way.” A part of it has already arrived and most of it will arrive. This package will make a real difference in the current war with Russia on the battlefield.”

According to the report of Tom Bateman, the BBC World Correspondent who accompanies Blinken on this trip, Zelensky repeatedly stressed during the meeting that the Ukrainian forces are facing difficult conditions, especially They spend time in the eastern front.

Russia’s recent successes in the battlefield and the advance and capture of several villages in the strategic area of ​​”Kharkiv” have caused Kiev to send a large number of its forces. to send from Donbass to this region. On the other hand, military analysts say that Russian attacks could become a “nightmare” for Kiev and push them towards peace talks with Moscow.


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