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The European Union demanded an immediate halt to Israeli operations in Rafah

In a statement, the European Union's External Action Service called on Israel to immediately stop the operation in Rafah.

report Mehr News Agency, the website of the European Union’s foreign action service, published a statement asking the Zionist regime to stop the operation in Rafah immediately. This request comes at a time when the European Union has provided a lot of support for the crimes of the Zionist regime.

This statement states: This operation will further disrupt the humanitarian aid distribution process in Gaza and lead to displacement, famine and more human suffering. More than one million civilians have taken shelter in and around Rafah and they have been told to evacuate these areas; Areas that, according to the United Nations, cannot be considered safe.

In the following statement, we read: Although the European Union reserves the right of defense for Israel, Israel must act and ensure the security of civilians according to international humanitarian regulations. The European Union asks Israel to refrain from aggravating the humanitarian situation in Gaza, which is already dire, and to reopen the Rafah border crossing. If Israel continues its military operations in Rafah, EU-Tel Aviv relations will inevitably be strained. According to international humanitarian law, Israel must allow and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid to civilians. The International Court of Justice has clearly stated this issue in its rulings issued on January 26 and March 28.


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