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UNRWA’s serious warning about the dangerous situation of 150 thousand pregnant women in Gaza

An international organization announced that with the start of a new wave of displacement of Palestinians from Rafah, a new disaster is coming for the people of Gaza, emphasizing that more than 150,000 pregnant women in Gaza are facing the worst health conditions.

reported by Mehr News Agency According to the Jordanian Al-Dustur newspaper, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), referring to the disastrous conditions of civilians throughout the Gaza Strip in the shadow of the continued brutal aggression of the Zionist regime, announced that more than Out of 150,000 pregnant women in the Gaza Strip are facing terrible health conditions, especially after the Israeli army’s attack on Rafah and the start of a new wave of displacement of Palestinians from this city, which housed about 1.4 million civilians.

UNRWA announced in its statement that no child in the world should suffer like this and we urgently need a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is getting worse day by day and has reached a new level of despair while the world is watching.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) also announced in a statement for the same purpose that 95 percent of pregnant women or nursing mothers in Gaza face severe malnutrition. and 62 aid packages for pregnant women are left behind the Rafah crossing and Israel does not allow them to enter Gaza.

While all sections of the people of Gaza are in an unprecedented inhumane situation under the shadow of the continued brutal aggression of the Zionists and the terrible siege imposed on this region, in the meantime Women are more exposed to all kinds of injuries.

Information collected by researchers shows that the lives of pregnant women are in serious danger due to the inability to access health centers and not receiving the necessary care, and several health centers which have remained active until now, they can only provide services to women who have extremely urgent conditions, which, of course, are very limited. On the other hand, even an ambulance is not available to transport pregnant women to hospitals and health centers, and many of these women are transported to health centers with equipment such as carts that are moved by four-legged animals.

Human rights organizations report that the number of premature births among Gazan women has increased to a third due to factors such as stress and blows caused by the occupation attacks, and some of them They have had abortions due to fear, which has led to a 300% increase in abortions. According to the report of the United Nations Women’s Agency, every hour 2 pregnant women in Gaza die as a result of the attacks of the occupiers. In addition, pregnant and lactating women and their children are exposed to health risks, malnutrition and significant weight loss due to limited access to food.

Also, the Gaza Strip currently lacks the necessary vaccinations for babies, and according to research, dozens of lactating women in tents or under bombardment are unable to breastfeed their children. And this is while even powdered milk is not available for babies.


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