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The former foreign minister of Germany asked the chancellor to negotiate with the Taliban

The former foreign minister of Germany requested the chancellor of his country to negotiate with the Taliban regarding the Afghan immigrants of this country.

According to Mehr News Agency, according to the Deutsche Welle news agency, after the attack of an immigrant in Mannheim, Germany, which killed an agent The police concluded, requests to deport criminal asylum seekers from Germany have increased.

Sigmar Gabriel, the former head of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the country’s former foreign minister, wrote in an article in “Bild am Sonntag” about this: the government should try to work with the Taliban itself. negotiate so that deportation to Afghanistan becomes legally binding.

The former foreign minister of this country further claimed that Germany should ask Kabul for verifiable guarantees that the deportees will not be tortured or killed!

Sigmar Gabriel also said: The German government should provide financial assistance to the provinces that receive Afghans who are not eligible to stay in Germany.

On June 11, during the demonstration of the extreme right in the city of Mannheim, a person who attacked and injured several people with a knife was shot by the German police forces.


This incident happened in the southwest of this city. In a statement, Mannheim police confirmed the use of firearms in this incident.

Germany’s Bild newspaper also published video footage in which the assailant repeatedly stabbed a police officer in the neck.


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