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Bloody conflicts in Rafah await the Zionists

An Arab-speaking expert announced that the stability of the Palestinian resistance groups shows that severe and bloody conflicts await the Zionist army in Rafah.

report Mehr News quoted by Al Jazeera, Colonel Hatem al-Falahi and an expert on military issues, referring to the field developments of the conflicts in Rafah city, emphasized that the images published by the resistance groups show that the Israelis in They are on the brink of bloody clashes in the city of Rafah, located in the south of the Gaza Strip.

This expert on military issues, emphasizing that the Palestinian groups have proven their power to resist and endure and wear down the Israeli army, emphasized that Hamas fighters still They have many capabilities and this process shows that the conflicts in Rafah will be very intense and bloody for the Israeli army and they will suffer increasing casualties.

Al-Falahi continued that opening multiple fronts is not in the interest of Israel and causes further erosion of its forces, in addition to quoting some materials from the army that Entering the areas of northern Gaza that they had not entered so far shows the contradiction in the statements of the Zionist officials.

He continued that the pictures published by al-Qassam battalions will shock the Zionist soldiers, because they see that the resistance fighters were present within a few meters of them. In addition, the Rafah tunnels network is still very efficient.

According to the announcement of Al Jazeera network, citing this expert on military issues, the Rafah operation shows the high precision of the resistance axis’ planning and its ability to use its knowledge of the Rafah lands. To achieve superiority against the armed Zionist army.

This report, quoting the mentioned expert, emphasizes that the conflict in the residential areas shows that nothing is safe from the hands of the Zionist forces and they consider every person as a hostile. They do.


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