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The occurrence of armed conflicts during the Zionist attack on the West Bank

As in previous days, Zionist soldiers brutally attacked various cities in the West Bank.

report Mehr News Agency According to Al-Mayadeen Network, Zionist forces attacked the city of Hebron in the West Bank this morning and arrested a number of Palestinian youths.

Also, the occurrence of armed clashes between the resistance forces and the Zionist occupiers around the Balata camp, located in the east of Nablus, has been reported.

During the attack of the Zionist soldiers on this camp, the resistance forces tried to stop them from advancing by shooting and throwing grenades.

A few days ago, Stephen Dujarric, the spokesman of the United Nations Secretary General, mentioned the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

He stated that this regime has martyred 500 Palestinians in the West Bank since October 7 of last year and the beginning of the attack on the Gaza Strip.


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