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The rise of the West again to prevent the resolution of the refugee crisis in Lebanon

In a situation where Lebanon plans to resume the mechanism of returning Syrian refugees to their country after a 3-year hiatus, the Westerners are seeking to frustrate efforts to solve the refugee crisis in Lebanon with a new conspiracy plan.
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according to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, returning The first group of Syrian refugees return to their country from Lebanon after a three-year hiatus. Once again, the discussion of the crisis of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and international conspiracies to keep them in this country and prevent the return of refugees to Syria is raised.

Yesterday, Tuesday, a group of Syrian refugees were transferred from the Lebanese city of Arsal to the villages of Qalamoun and Jahrgir, as well as the suburbs of Damascus, on their first trip back to Syria. The return of Syrian refugees to their country is done after a 3-year gap, and yesterday 300 families of these refugees returned to their villages in Syria from Arsal camps.

Heavy cost The crisis of Syrian refugees for Lebanon

Since 2011, which is the date of the start of the Syrian crisis, a large number of refugees from this country fled to Lebanon; That too in a situation where Lebanon itself is suffering from many political and economic crises. The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has gradually increased since 2011, and according to unofficial statistics, their number reaches more than 2 million and 200 thousand people who have settled in different regions of Lebanon.

In a situation where the people of Lebanon are suffering from a terrible and unprecedented economic crisis, the cost of Syrian refugees has also been imposed on this country.

Lebanon newspaper website quoted Informed sources reported that since 2011, the cost of Syrian refugees to Lebanon has reached 63 billion dollars. This is what Lebanese economic expert Michel Fayaz says and emphasizes that with further calculations, we will realize that this cost will even reach 100 billion dollars at different levels.

bribery and intimidation; The method of the West and America to prevent the return of Syrian refugees

But why the crisis of Syrian refugees in Lebanon after about 14 years and while Syria after The crisis of terrorism has become a safe country and the government of this country also welcomes the return of refugees, has it not been resolved? Global terrorism and the suffocating economic blockade against Syria are seeking to use the refugee card as a lever of pressure against the Syrian government in the international community. During all these years, they have prevented Syrian refugees from returning to their country with various methods, including bribery and intimidation.

America and the European Union and its related institutions during all these years by giving money to Syrian refugees in different countries, including Lebanon, encouraged them to stay in the host countries and integrate with the communities of these countries. countries have done. Especially in Lebanon, every time the mechanism for the voluntary return of Syrian refugees to their country was provided, the West and the United States intervened and prevented this work.

For example, early last year, when the necessary coordination between the government of Lebanon and Syria for the gradual return of Syrian refugees was done voluntarily, but an American-Western campaign was launched by organizations affiliated with these parties to intimidate Syrian refugees and They claimed that firstly, Syria is not a safe country and there is still a danger of terrorism there, and secondly, refugees are arrested by the government of this country after arriving in Syria.

American institutions And the Europeans also promise the refugees to provide suitable living conditions for them in the host countries, so that these refugees have no motivation to return to their country.

Currently Currently, the European Union has promised Lebanon to give one billion euros to Beirut to host Syrian refugees and prevent the wave of migration towards Europe, and this is actually a bribe that the Europeans called a gift. But Lebanese experts and elites believe that in exchange for receiving this bribe, Lebanon must pay a much heavier price for keeping Syrian refugees, and this is despite the fact that if Syrian refugees return to their country forever, a large part of Lebanon’s crisis will be solved.

A few weeks ago, European Council President Ursula von der Leyen said during a trip to Beirut that these aids will be provided to Lebanon from this year until 2027.

On this basis, 736 million euros will be allocated to support Syrian refugees and “other vulnerable groups” in Lebanon, and another 200 million euros will be used to strengthen Lebanese security services in order to implement border and immigration controls. became. In fact, a large part of these aids will be allocated to Europe to control the borders and stop the wave of immigrants and asylum seekers. Lebanon

Today, the Lebanese parliament is supposed to hold a meeting to examine this issue, and the Lebanese are waiting to see if their politicians will succumb to the conspiracies of the West and the United States, as in the past. No.

In this regard, Sayyed “Hassan Nasrallah”, Secretary General of Hezbollah, in his recent speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Sayyed “Mustafa Badreddin” mentioned and announced the discussion of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Kurd: America, Europe and the international community are responsible for the return of refugees. America and the West give money to the refugees so that they do not return to Syria.

Sayed Hassan Nasrallah emphasized: I demand the adoption of a Lebanese national position to open the sea for the voluntary departure of Syrian refugees. I am going to Europe. When such a decision is made, all Westerners and Europeans will come to Lebanon to find a solution. In our opinion, the solution to the case of Syrian refugees is to put pressure on America, which prevents the refugees from returning, and the Lebanese government should seriously talk with the Syrian government.

With the beginning of the terrorism crisis in Syria, Lebanon, as a country bordering Syria, is one of the main destinations for refugees. It was Syrian and a significant number of them settled in refugee camps in Lebanon. The Lebanese, who hosted Syrian refugees during the years of war, after the end of the Syrian crisis, insist that these refugees should return to their country, which has been freed from terrorists.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011, the West has dealt with the issue of Syrian refugees as an intelligence-political operation against the Syrian government, and the fields of managing the case of these refugees have been in the hands of Western countries and The United States has been The West believes that the return of Syrian refugees to their country means a victory for Bashar al-Assad’s government and shows that the Syrian government has managed to provide security and the necessary conditions for the presence of all Syrians in their own country.

However, under the conditions that the government of Damascus has repeatedly announced its readiness to return Syrian refugees to their country, in addition to the obstacles of the international community and the West, the lack of coordination between the positions of all parties and the Lebanese authorities has been one of the factors delaying the return of Syrian refugees. And the evidence shows that some Lebanese officials and authorities cannot resist the pressure of the West and the United States, which complicates the solution of the refugee challenge.

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