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Has the Taliban talked to civil society in Norway?

During the recent days and at the same time as the meeting of the civil society in Norway, some Western Persian-language media, relying on rumors, announced that representatives of the Taliban are present at the meeting of the civil society in Oslo, which resulted in some protests in virtual and real space.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, in the midst of Rumors of a meeting between representatives of the Taliban and Afghans of the diaspora in Oslo, the host organization, the Human Rights Research Association, clarified that this meeting was actually between Afghans living in Norway and civil society activists with Richard Bennett, the special rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Council for Afghanistan.

According to the announcement published by the Human Rights Research Association, in this meeting, various topics including Afghanistan’s continuous need for humanitarian aid, increasing protection opportunities for Afghans at risk , the upcoming Doha meeting, Richard Bennett’s report on the human rights situation in Afghanistan and the recommendation to avoid normalizing relations with the Taliban without a demonstrable change in their governance.

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In the previous Oslo meeting with the Afghan civil society, the Norwegian media reported that three people from Kabul were invited to the meeting, quoting “Aniken Hoitfeld”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country. but they are not the leaders of the Taliban.

Taliban officials have emphasized many times before that the foreign media portrays Afghanistan black and ignores the facts.

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