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Fayez Al-Daweiri: Jabalia has become the cemetery of the aggressors+film

The famous military and strategic affairs expert, referring to the current heavy battle in Jabalia, announced that this area has become a graveyard for aggressors.

report Mehr News Agency quoted by Palestine El-Yum, military and strategic affairs expert Fayez al-Dawiri reacted to the heavy fighting between Palestinian fighters and the occupiers in northern Gaza.

This military affairs analyst said: Jabalia is the cemetery of aggressors and what is happening is beyond imagination.

Al-Dawiri stressed: This is a testimony to the heavy battle that is going on in this area and shows the bravery of the Palestinian fighters.

On the other hand, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Battalions in a statement about the martyrdom of Mohammad Rami Al-Tallouli, one of the fighters of these battalions in the Jabalia camp during the battle with the Zionist forces in the axis of progress in the Jabalia camp. He reported during the battle of Al-Aqsa storm.

At the same time, news sources reported a heavy battle between the resistance fighters and the occupiers in Jabalia camp.


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