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Tel Aviv’s acknowledgment of Hezbollah’s devastating attacks on occupied Palestine

The media of the Zionist regime reported about the heavy losses that Hezbollah's attacks have caused to the north of occupied Palestine.

report Mehr News Agency According to Shahab news agency, Zionist sources revealed the heavy damage caused by Hezbollah’s attacks to the north of occupied Palestine.

The media of the Zionist regime admitted: the north continues to witness heavy losses. More than 140 houses have been destroyed in al-Mutla town due to anti-armor missiles of Hezbollah.

These sources reported: The situation is similar in the rest of the towns in the north near the Lebanese border.

While an hour ago, the spokesman of the Zionist regime admitted that at least 60 rockets were fired from Lebanon towards the Miron Air Base in northern occupied Palestine, which caused the arrival of It has been damaged.

With the start of the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation by the Palestinian resistance groups, the Lebanese Hezbollah movement in order to entertain the Zionist military in northern Palestine and reduce the pressure on the resistance in Gaza. It has carried out daily and heavy operations against the goals of the Zionist regime inside the Palestinian territory.

In this connection, the Zionist media have repeatedly acknowledged that Hezbollah still has the upper hand in the north of the occupied Palestinian territories and that the Zionist army is trapped in this area. .


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