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Trump’s personal Boeing collided with a jet at the Florida airport

Donald Trump's personal Boeing plane collided with a jet while taking off from the runway at Florida International Airport.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, an informed source reported that Donald Trump’s personal Boeing 757 plane crashed into a plane while moving on the runway at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida. The jet crashed.

The Federal Aviation Administration of America announced in a statement that a private Boeing aircraft collided with a jet plane that was stopped and had no passengers at the Florida airport. In this statement, this organization did not confirm that this Boeing belongs to Donald Trump.

In this statement, it is stated that the incident happened in a part of the airport where the Civil Aviation Organization does not monitor the planes, but at the same time, it is emphasized that the investigation is ongoing. Continued.

According to this report, Trump had gone to an election meeting in New Jersey with his plane before this incident.

Meanwhile, Trump asked Boeing officials in January of this year to resume the production of the Boeing 757. The production of this type of aircraft has been stopped since 2004. Trump said on a social network: “Boeing should resume the production of the 757.” It is the most beautiful and manoeuvrable airplane that Boeing has ever built.

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