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Why does Israel consider the attack on Rafah necessary despite the killing?

The Zionist regime's ground attack on Rafah, despite all the opposition to it, is the result of a set of factors inside and outside the occupied territories, which is described as necessary by the Zionists, but the result will be nothing but the killing of more Palestinian civilians. .
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the Zionist regime started ground operations in the Rafah region after the Gaza war entered its eighth month. This military action was carried out in a situation where there was a global consensus against it, and the Zionist regime ignored all those negative positions despite the all-round opposition it saw from governments and international public opinion regarding the attack on Rafah. It launched an operation in Rafah and bombed some of its neighborhoods. Now the question remains, why does the Zionist regime insist on carrying out this operation despite all the existing obstacles and opposition? and the motivations of the Zionist regime to attack Rafah

a collection of personal, political and international reasons and motivations for the ground attack The Zionist regime has a presence in the Rafah region, which has caused the Zionist regime to concentrate more than 1.5 million Palestinian people in Rafah and ignore all international and regional warnings and threats for this action, acting on its own irrational will.

Completion of a series of security-military measures in the last remaining area of ​​Gaza

After the implementation of the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation by the Palestinian resistance on October 7, 2023, the Zionist regime began its attacks against the Gaza Strip. The ground operation of the Zionist regime to the Gaza Strip also started almost 3 weeks after that. During this period, the Zionist regime has made the northern region of the Gaza Strip, including Jabalia, Beit Lahia and Gaza City, and the central region of Gaza, including Khanyounes and its suburbs, the target of the heaviest military measures.

During this period, in addition to military action in these two regions, the Zionists have carried out extensive security and intelligence measures in order to achieve the goals defined by the political levels of the Zionist regime. Trying to free the captives of the Zionist regime and taking action to destroy the military capabilities of the resistance and eliminating and assassinating its commanders have been the most important goals of the Zionist regime. In order to achieve these goals, the Zionists have identified the entire geography of the north and center of Gaza, based on which they have taken military measures, and they have not achieved any of their goals.

Now, the only remaining area in the Gaza Strip is the Rafah area, which, according to the Zionists, they must carry out these security and military measures in order to complete their plan. Rafah is the last geographical point that the Zionists justify attacking there for their public opinion. Since the Zionist regime has not released any captives, nor reached the resistance leaders, so far after almost 8 months, it has described Rafah as the geography to achieve these goals, and the ground attack on this area is certain and necessary to achieve its goals. describe.

But before the start of the Zionist ground attack on Rafah, this suspicion was raised in all the Zionist media and by the public opinion of this regime. And in the West, it has been suggested that an army that was able to free only one prisoner during 8 months of killing and crime, can it free the rest of the prisoners by attacking Rafah? An army that has not reached any of the commanders of the resistance, has not been able to destroy the military power of the resistance, will it be able to do this in the attack on Rafah?

Decreasing the population of Gaza

One ​​of the biggest challenges of the Zionist regime during the 76 years of occupation of Palestine The population was Palestinians. The strategy of the Zionists to solve the problem of the Palestinian population has been to narrow the field for them with various means with the aim of moving the population from Palestine. This problem has shown itself to be greater in the Gaza Strip than in other parts of Palestine, especially during the last two decades. Because the Gaza Strip has created the biggest problems for the Zionists, both in terms of the population and in terms of the resistance of its population.

Zionists They know very well that almost all the people of Gaza are supporters of the resistance and they have not and will not stop the resistance under any circumstances. For this reason, in line with the implementation of the strategy of moving and transferring the population from the Gaza Strip, the attack on Rafah is one of the best opportunities for the Zionist regime to launch a ground attack on this area in a situation where almost two-thirds of the population of the Gaza Strip is concentrated in Rafah. provide the ground for the relocation of this population from the Gaza Strip; Because the military pressure from the north of Rafah will make the only way to save the population, the exit from the southern part of this strip towards the two Egyptian and Palestinian parts of Rafah, and the Zionists expect to be able to partially achieve this long-term goal in this attack. come true.

Domination of the Rafah crossing and the “Philadelphia” axis

The intelligence and security apparatus of the Zionist regime, both before the “Al-Aqsa storm” and since the beginning of the attack on the Gaza Strip after October 7, have always claimed that it is the most important route for the transfer of weapons. The Rafah crossing and the so-called “Philadelphia axis” are the routes to Gaza and the movement of the resistance commanders. Therefore, in addition to the goals they defined for the ground operations from the beginning, they have presented the control of the Rafah crossing and the “Philadelphia” axis as one of the goals of the ground attack on Rafah. Therefore, in the first step of the ground operation in Rafah, by attacking this area, they occupied the Rafah crossing and the “Philadelphia” axis.

Managing public opinion inside the occupied territories

Since the beginning of the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation, the issue of prisoners of the Zionist regime and efforts For their freedom, it has been one of the problems of the Zionists. The families of the prisoners of the Zionist regime formed a rally to form continuous measures for the release of the prisoners of the regime, which has put considerable pressure on the authorities of the Zionist regime. This collection is accompanied by a part of the Zionist society, and a part of the Zionists, who are mainly secular and leftist currents, along with this collection, want to give priority to the release of prisoners.

On the other hand, a group of radical Zionists and extreme religious currents, with a continuous emphasis on the frustration resulting from the defeat of October 7 and successive defeats after that, caused by the failure to achieve the goals of the war. They want the political and military authorities of the Zionist regime to compensate for this disappointment by winning the war by continuing the war and crime.

Total These two currents have created a conflicting bipolarity for the Zionist cabinet. The Zionist regime has used the attack on Rafah in response to both of the above flows, and has described this action as necessary to manage them. As Netanyahu announced a few days before the ground operation to Rafah in a meeting with the representatives of the families of prisoners of the Zionist regime, the attack on Rafah will be carried out with or without a ceasefire. Netanyahu” to the continuation of the war

despite widespread criticism of the performance of the political, military and security authorities of the Zionist regime on October 7 and the existence of a There is a public demand to hold these officials accountable and to punish the culprits, but there is an implicit consensus among all the internal circles of the Zionist regime that the process of dealing with this issue will not be completed until the end of the war, and that the culprits will be punished for their negligence and guilt after the war, and “Netanyahu He is at the head of all these officials.

Netanyahu knows better than anyone that he will have the opportunity to be in the political arena only until the end of the war in Gaza. and the end of the war means pulling him down from the field he has been leaning on for a decade and a half. He is the only one who neither took responsibility nor apologized for the regime’s failures. Even in the early stages of the war, he named the security officials responsible for all the failures and launched a wave of criticism against them.

Now, he needs to continue the war in order to buy an opportunity, and failure to carry out ground operations in Rafah will mean the end of the war and the end of “Netanyahu”. Therefore, he is the one who beat the drum of attacking Rafah and continuing the war harder than anyone else.

America has played a hypocritical role and a two-faced face since the implementation of the “Aqsa Storm” operation and the Zionist regime’s attack on the Gaza Strip. has shown On the one hand, Washington has opened the way for the continuation of the war in Gaza by sending large and continuous military aid and full diplomatic support to the Zionist regime in the international arena. On the other hand, by maintaining its democratic posture in emphasizing the preservation of civilian lives and sending humanitarian aid, it shows itself as a supporter of peace and the end of war.

The American claim about the limited attack on Rafah is a lie
Yediot Aharanot : Despite the attack on Rafah, Hamas remains

Since the victory of Hamas in the Palestinian parliamentary elections and taking control of the Gaza Strip a year later, America has sought to dominate the Gaza Strip. The Americans have pursued this goal both by military means and by trying to bring Hamas into the path of negotiations with the Zionist regime. But they know very well that the path of negotiation for the resistance groups is a blocked and fruitless path, so they are and are trying to overthrow Hamas from the military path. If the Americans want to carry out this action themselves, they will definitely incur heavy costs for it, but now that the Zionist regime is on this path, they have seized the opportunity to secure the goal they have been pursuing for years. The Zionist regime is taking advantage.

The attack on Rafah is one of the important points in this direction. With the Zionist regime dominating the Rafah crossing, they can be there after the war, maybe by defining a political process, take over its sovereignty under the guise of an international structure. This hidden desire of America is one of the most important motivations and reasons for attacking Rafah, which remains hidden behind their media claims and their democratic and peaceful gesture.

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