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The Algerian citizen imprisoned his neighbor for 28 years + video

In a strange incident, Algerian police forces found a person who had been missing for 28 years in the warehouse of a neighbor's house.

report Mehr News Agency quoted from Al Jazeera, in a strange incident, an Algerian citizen who disappeared 28 years ago was found in a sad state in the warehouse of his neighbor’s house. This person, whose name is “Omar bin Omira”, had disappeared since 1996, and the Algerian police and the family of this Algerian citizen had not managed to find him in all these years.

Over time, Omar’s family lost hope and thought that he had died. His mother died from the grief of losing her son, and his father also lives with the hope of finding his lost son.

In the meantime, one of the relatives of the person who kidnapped Omar published a post on social networks and announced that he was alive. After the publication of this news, Omar’s family once again started searching around him and gathered some evidence. In this way, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Algeria started investigating this case.

The Attorney General of Algeria announced by publishing a statement that the brother of a person who disappeared about 30 years ago submitted a complaint and stated that the missing person was in their neighbor’s house. is.

In the continuation of this statement, it is stated that the Attorney General of Algeria issued an order to start an investigation and send police forces to the mentioned house, and after visiting, the police found the missing person. and arrested the 61-year-old accused.


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