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Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood accused Reuters of spreading lies

The media spokesperson of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood denied the news of the Western news agency Reuters that arms smuggling from Iraq to Jordan had been thwarted and emphasized that Reuters spread lies in the situation that the people of Gaza Strip are facing genocide.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, “Moaz Al-Khalwadeh” the media spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood Jordan pointed out that Reuters’ reporting is against all standards and indicators of professionalism and realism, this media has attributed its news to unknown and anonymous sources and did not bother to contact the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood to ensure the authenticity of its claims.

Jordan’s fear of the idea of ​​an “alternative homeland” for the Palestinians

He continued that the Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with such incidents and any behavior that is against the policies of the Muslim Brotherhood and its decisions. This spokesperson said that after the publication At this point in time, there are specific and deliberate intentions and goals that do not want good for Jordan and seek to disrupt the situation and create division in the situation that the Gaza Strip is exposed to a genocidal war by the Zionist regime, which until now It has left more than 100 thousand people martyred and wounded, and we are living in the 76th anniversary of the Nakbat (occupation) of Palestine. Lean towards stopping the aggression against the steadfast people of Gaza and support its brave resistance to repel the terrorist aggression of the Zionist criminal fascist regime.

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