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President of the Iran-China Chamber: Beijing is the leader in electrical production in the world

The reason for the existence of the contract with Wasit companies is to bypass the sanctions, if the municipality intends to modernize the fleet, the import of public transport vehicles should be pursued through these same Wasit companies.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Majid Reza Hariri, head of the joint chamber of Iran and China in In an interview with Tasnim regarding the doubts raised regarding the purchase of electric buses of Tehran Municipality, he responded as follows: “There is no competitor in the world that produces electric buses and taxis higher than the quality of China’s electric products.”


He continued: “Except for China, no country is willing to sell public transportation to Iran due to the existence of sanctions and financial transfers. Let’s buy from Siemens of Germany or Tesla of America”. Tehran and Beijing’s contribution to the slowness of Iran-China relations East Internal obstacles, the barrier to the development of Iran-China relations/1

Finally, regarding the contract rumors, Garadad raised: “The reason for the existence of contracts with intermediary companies is to bypass sanctions, if The municipality intends to modernize the fleet, it should be done through these intermediate companies”.

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