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defeat in the Gaza war; The main reason for the resignation of 3 Zionist ministers

Al Jazeera announced in an article that 3 ministers who are members of the war cabinet and the cabinet of the Zionist regime have resigned from their positions due to the defeat in the Gaza war and Netanyahu's wrong decisions.

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Gantz emphasized in his statements that the Israeli cabinet and its prime minister do not follow the interests of Tel Aviv in making decisions about the war. He continued that Netanyahu and his political partners have turned the call for unity into an emotional call, without believing in it in the field.

Gadi Eisenkot, another Zionist minister and member of the Israel War Council, also resigned from his position. In his statements, he expressed that the Israeli cabinet has long since abandoned making favorable decisions to achieve the goals of the war.

He noted that the decisions made by the cabinet and the Prime Minister of Israel are not in line with the interests of the Zionist regime.

Healy Trooper, a member of the Gantz-affiliated Blue and White Party in the Zionist Cabinet, was also one of the other people who announced his resignation.

Yesterday, Avi Rosenfeld, the commander of the Gaza army, also resigned due to the defeat in the Gaza war.

The series of internal resignations of the Zionist regime, especially the resignation of Gantz and Eysenkot due to membership in the Israeli War Council, although it does not remove the cabinet from the majority, but the preparations for the resignation of other opponents provides Netanyahu and prepares the ground for the collapse of his cabinet.

In response to the wave of resignations in the occupied territories, Netanyahu stated: Now is not the right time to resign, but the time It was unity.

Benyamin Netanyahu added: We are waiting for the victory and realization of all the goals of the war, and above all the liberation of all prisoners and destruction Hamas, we will continue on our way.

Itmar Ben Gower, the controversial and extreme minister of internal security of the Zionist regime, after the resignation of Benny Gantz, wants to join the war cabinet and claimed that the time has come to take courageous decisions and establish real deterrence to ensure security for the residents of the south and the north and the whole of Israel!


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