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The case of looking to the east What is the Chinese dream?

At the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng described China's vision for the future with the sentence "Build a society with a common future for mankind and jointly provide a brighter future for the world". slow
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Tasnim News Agency in a case titled “Silk Road Partner” to evaluate the strategy Looking to the East has dealt with the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the bilateral relations between Iran and China, the contents of this file include detailed discussions and notes related to this strategy.

In order to accurately understand the perspective that China has drawn for itself and other countries, we must pay attention to the re-reading of Beijing’s positions and macro strategies in the international sphere. In the case of Looking to the East, this issue is discussed in order to look at China from different angles in order to achieve a more complete understanding. In this regard, this note written by Farshad Adel, Secretary General of the Iran-China Think Tank deals with the positions of the leaders of the Communist Party of China, official documents and the Chinese’s philosophical view of international development. /p>

The description of this note is as follows:

In In October 2023, the Chinese Communist Party convened its 20th National Congress, during which an inspiring plan was drawn up to achieve the great modernization of the Chinese nation on all fronts by pursuing China’s modernization. The final statement of this congress states:

Chinese modernization involves a huge population and aims to provide prosperity for all Chinese people, promote material and cultural progress. – Ethical and achieving harmony between humanity, nature and peaceful development. By pursuing China’s modernization, we will strengthen global peace and development and provide new and greater contributions to the progress of human civilization.

Based on this plan China is committed to facilitating China’s trade and investment for global development, emphasizing the preservation of China’s territorial integrity and the realization of China’s complete reunification, emphasizing the independence of China’s foreign policy and opposing hegemony with the keyword of common development and China’s remaining as a member of the countries It was being developed.

The items mentioned in this plan show a vision of the future in China’s mind, which knowledge of this vision can be formed It is important to take a realistic view of China with the aim of developing cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People’s Republic of China.

A world with a common destiny

The People’s Republic of China is a country that has established itself as a top power at the international level during the last decade. China’s growth in various industrial, economic and superior technologies has brought this country to a position where cooperation with other countries is not a choice, but a requirement. But what distinguishes China from other powers is China’s narrative of its “peaceful rise”. In the narrative presented by China, this country presents itself as a responsible power that does not intend to challenge the structures and international system in the way of regaining power. Rather, this country portrays itself as a power “aligned” with the international order, which seeks to shape the dream of a shared destiny for the whole world.

Han Zheng, Vice President of China, described China’s vision for the future at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly with the sentence “Build a society with a common future for mankind and jointly provide a brighter future for the world.” did An attitude based on which China presents itself as an innovative country to play a role in the future of the world and emphasizes that this role-playing, unlike many historical experiences in which the emergence of a new power was accompanied by war and bloodshed, is peaceful and It is based on international common interests.

Principles of China’s foreign policy

In order to play its role in the international space and also to develop cooperation with other countries of the world, China insists on the four principles of interdependence of countries’ security, emphasis on win-win benefits, emphasis on multilateralism and advancement of human civilization. and introduces these principles as its main foundations in international cooperation, and the knowledge of these foundations provides us with a clear picture of the Chinese attitude and way of thinking to play a role in the future of the world.

  • 1- The security of all countries is related

China in this By emphasizing peaceful methods to resolve disputes, Asal considers itself bound to respect the sovereignty of countries. This country expresses its opposition to “hegemonicism”, unilateralism and Cold War mentality, and considers international sanctions against countries as an act against world stability. In the Chinese attitude, full respect for the principles and functions of the countries’ governance has a special place, and this country is obliged to support international norms. On the other hand, based on this attitude, China, as the only permanent member of the UN Security Council, has committed to never use nuclear weapons in advance and has presented this commitment to the world as a sign of its goodwill.

  • 2- Emphasis on mutual benefits and win-win results

China is trying to consolidate its role to lead the world community in order to achieve development, and for this purpose, it has various cooperations, especially with developing countries in order to create sustainable development, using the tool of development corridors. It has been planned in the form of the Belt and Road initiative. This country also seriously considers financial assistance, technology and capacity building for developing countries and introduces itself as a member of the group of developing countries. Also, this country believes that the formation of the development process in the countries of the world should not lead to ignoring the environmental crises, and for this purpose, it emphasizes the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the preservation of the environment and introduces the development of green and environmentally friendly projects as one of its important goals.

  • 3- Advancing human civilization

Emphasizing the diversity of civilizations and respecting them is one of the principles that China has expressed its adherence to, and basically, China’s approach to the development of international cooperation is always accompanied by a civilization-oriented vision and cultural attachments. Establishing win-win relations between civilizations for human development, opposing the tools of human rights and democracy as a political tool, pursuing common ground and setting aside differences and developing human rights in accordance with national conditions are some of the things that China has based on the basis of advancing human civilization. It considers itself in its international actions and always presents itself as the inheritor of an important part of human civilization.

  • 4- Emphasis on multilateralism

This principle can be considered one of the most important principles of China’s approach to international relations, based on which support for International order and mechanisms centered on the United Nations, emphasizing the commitment of the powers to maintain multilateralism, reforms in areas such as peace and security, economy and trade, making greater use of dialogue among developing countries and trying to improve global governance are among the most important goals. And China’s obligations are introduced to the community of nations, and in general, shaping multilateral interests and bringing different countries together to achieve common goals is a priority for China.

Band Road Initiative and Band Mentality

Band Road Initiative is basically an attempt to The creation of a brand was aimed at attracting international partnerships for China’s development-oriented projects in the world. This initiative can be seen as the practical result of China’s goal-setting for the future of the world, and various countries trusting this brand have declared their interest in cooperation and partnership with China in order to advance development plans. Despite the claims that this initiative was unsuccessful, it should be emphasized that the Belt and Road Initiative basically boosted China’s international cooperation and encouraged many countries to partner with China and pursue the Chinese dream for the world.

In other words, Belt and Road initiative by creating attraction for other countries in order to play a role in China’s plans for the future of the world, its main goal is to create interest among other countries. It has fulfilled the needs of countries to develop cooperation with China. A very colorful example of this issue is the expansion of China’s cooperation with the countries of West Asia and Africa, which has seen remarkable progress in the last decade.

Therefore, the initiative The scope should be analyzed separately from the idealistic point of view and it should be acknowledged that this initiative has been successful in reality and China’s main goal is to attract international support and cooperation to advance development projects around the world and especially among developing countries. has fulfilled the development.

The advancement of the programs mentioned in this initiative is the means by which China’s ultimate goal of “global co-destiny” is achieved. will be This initiative is the result of a unique and oriental attitude, based on which it was thought that the major failure of Asian countries in achieving comprehensive development in the intellectual, scientific and industrial fields is rooted in the lack of a model appropriate to the civilizational history and oriental spirit of Asian countries, and therefore By understanding this problem, the foundation of China tried to provide unique intellectual products and initiatives to compensate for this loss by restoring the cultural elements of the East, such as the Silk Road. Because presenting intellectual products to the world in the present era is an important matter for emerging powers and provides the possibility to shape a new era by producing scientific narratives and literature from the Asian model of progress.

regional mentality should be considered as one of the ideas that is used as a theoretical framework for the analysis of international trends and events, as well as future research on the role of eastern powers in the new world order. It can be presented to the world as a unique product of thought and attitude. In regional mentality, the entire region of Asia is considered as a connected whole that, despite the multitude of civilizations in it, there are unbreakable links and direct influence between these civilizations, and meaningful connections can be found between these civilizations, which is the problem itself. It is the result of geographical continuity in Asia. Regional interest, based on this shared destiny and civilizational links between Asian countries, which is rooted in the history of these countries, considers the regional developments in Asia to affect all the countries of the Asian region. In such an attitude, the Asian region is considered as a group of countries in which no country can act completely independently from its neighbors because it is inevitably affected by the developments of the countries around it due to geographical and civilizational links.

Based on the regional mentality, development in Asia will only be realized when “all the countries of the Asian region have the same minimum requirements to achieve development.” be”. Based on this mentality, none of the Asian countries can continue to grow in the long term without considering the threats in their surroundings and solving them, because war, unrest, famine and migration and challenges of this kind in the peripheral area of ​​Asian countries can affect The growth process of these countries should be effective.

Accordingly, by pursuing an initiative such as the Belt and Road, which creates economic links around China and throughout the region. Asia will become, it will be possible to expand this stability and development to the entire continent of Afro-Eurasia, and in such a situation, we will witness the emergence of a new axis against the western trans-Atlantic axis led by the United States. China’s efforts to build new international institutions such as BRICS and Shanghai should be considered as measures that lay the groundwork for the emergence of a new axis in the international space led by China and the goal of achieving development based on the four principles declared by China, namely the principle of security relevance. countries to each other, emphasis on win-win interests, emphasis on multilateralism and advancing human civilization will follow. China and the change in the international order

The emergence of China as an influential international power presents countries with more diverse choices to shape the Political, economic and security cooperation has been achieved. The international concept of China’s growth, which is associated with the emergence of a political and economic superpower in the East, has given various countries (especially third world countries) the confidence to cooperate with Western powers, especially the United States. and see themselves as having the authority to choose an alternative option, a clear example of this phenomenon can be seen in the recent relations between oil-rich Arab countries and the United States.

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This is an important issue that should be paid attention to, and based on it, it can be claimed that no matter how much power or interest China has to challenge America; Rather, the formation of the idea of ​​the rise of China as a superpower that can give alternative choices to countries to cooperate with world powers will in itself change the attitude of countries seeking a share of the global power cake and give China more power and strength to gain It grants a greater share of international power.

Today, the countries of the world believe that they can live without America or with less reliance on it, and the power There is another international called China, which can provide most of what these countries need with less economic and political costs, which has caused a change in the international system. Based on this, it can be said that although the United States is still a superpower, it is no longer the only choice for countries, and what is important is that China acquires its new image and prestige as a challenging power for the United States through a peaceful and non-violent path. war and with economic and industrial development, and it is continuously strengthening this reading of its power.

Author: Farshad just Researcher of East Asia and China issues

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